WGAA Task Force

Mission: To develop a Wharton Global Alumni Association

The WGAA Task Force is being created to develop and propose the structure of a Wharton Global Alumni Association that will allow the alumni to speak with one voice rather than 80 and provide for a better utilization of alumni and school resources.

The Task Force will consist of seven (7) committees that will identify, investigate, address, and propose options for the issues identified below.

The Task Force will then propose a structure for the Wharton Global Alumni Association based on the recommendations of the sub committee.

Sub Committee on: Membership
Issues Include:
Membership structure and levels
National benefits
Indoctrination of students
Membership card

Sub Committee on: Infrastructure
Issues Include:
By laws
Organizational structure
Volunteer Recruitment and processing
Policies and procedures
University Relations

Sub Committee on: Budget and Planning
Issues Include:
Strategic plan
Budget process
Sources of income
Uses of income
Sponsor policies and procedures

Sub Committee on: Marketing and Communication
Issues Include:
Strategic Plan
Marketing the school
PR for alumni
Marketing the benefits
Marketing the sponsors
Policies and procedures

Sub Committee on: Technology and information management
Issues Include:
Web site
Data Base
Yellow pages
Networking software
Posting board
Interaction with Wharton
Interaction with Penn

Sub Committee on: Career Development
Issues Include:
How to help alumni grow their careers
How to help alumni find jobs

Sub Committee on: Business Development
Issues Include:
How to help alumni grow their businesses
How to find capital, leads, information