The Wharton Club of NY and Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC

First: UNIQUE VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY: Workplace Mentoring Program
Volunteer Just One Evening Each Month

In 2000, The Wharton Club of New York and Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC teamed up to develop a unique volunteer program. Since that year, the Workplace Mentoring Program of Big Brothers Big Sisters matches high school students from Murry Bergtraum High School with Wharton Club of NY members who serve as positive role models.

The volunteer program will begin in October and run through June. Once a month on Wednesdays, from 5:30-7:30pm, students meet with their mentor in a group setting. A Big Brothers Big Sisters Program Manager is always present to pick up, drop-off and accompany students on their visits to the meeting site. The program manager also screens all interested volunteers and students, and in addition to matching all participants, plans the program activities throughout the program year.

Most of the visits allow the student and volunteer to interact on an individual basis and get to know each other better. Visits are always held in a group setting. These visits can be educational, vocational, or cultural in nature. Topics of the meeting include things like interviewing skills, public speaking, group dynamics and the like, but also include fun activities such as ice skating or bowling.

Upon graduating, one student in the program talked about the simple fact that she knew that once each month, she went for two short hours to see someone who was there “just for me.” In that student’s life, at home, in school, that one-on-one attention was lacking. And she indicated that this once a month meeting probably helped her avoid some bad choices in her life.

Not only is this a great volunteer opportunity but it is also an excellent way to meet and network with other Wharton Club of NY alumni in a comfortable, non-business setting.

Each volunteer is asked to contribute $500 toward the program cost which comes to only $66 per month. However, a contribution is not required to be a volunteer or “big.”

Contact the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program Manager, Danielle Russo, at (646) 274-6055 or via email: to learn more about the program. Alternatively, you can contact the Wharton Club of NY coordinator, Matt Greene, WG’89, at