Quarterly Meeting, 7 March 2005

The Wharton Club of New York
Quarterly Meeting, 7 March 2005
Hosted by Piper Marbury Rudnick & Wolfe


Ken Beck
Roe Bonelli
George Brandt
Jay Fisher
Ruth Colp-Haber
Nigel Edelshain
Kevin Pollack
Jim Synk

Thanks to Bill Haddad for hosting this meeting.

1. Minutes from prior board meeting read by Nigel and accepted unanimously.

2. Review of Club Operations (Ken Beck

) • Alumni/School Committee
o Alumni recommend what they want from Assoc

• Business Development
o Leads Councils revitalized on Tue & Wed
o Ct group meets on Thurs mornings
o LI group being formed
o Craig James, Chair of Leads Committee

• Affinity Groups (4)
o Fine Arts & Design
o Media Entertainment
o Hedge Fund
o CFO Group
o TBA – Angel Investors, Real Estate Investors, Small Investors

• Events/Programs.
o Mary Lundstrom new head of Speaker Committee
 Jay Colin moved to Florida

• University Relations – 2 new co-chairs coming on board
• Social Committee – Active
Connecticut Group
• George Brandt, head
• No activities last summer
• Now happy hour every month & free social events, 150 attendees
o Now moving to speaker events
o Next: networking + lead council + career development (members only)
o Good model for Long Island

New Jersey Group
• Jonathon Perelman retiring

Financial Summary (Roe)
• Tax return will be filed this month
• Attorney General – sent notes we’re delinquent but we’re not
• Non-profit status for mailing – we’re not using it
• Scott Mathews – new member, setting budgets
• $50K bank balance

Communications (Jay Fisher)
• #1 priority – member retention & recruiting
o Issue – maintaining valid e-mails
o Joan Blanski contacted 500 expired members
o 25-60 memberships expire each month

• Newsletter – Naomi Breman steps down, Bruce Kasinov steps up
• Sponsorship – possibly Flex Jets $15 k sponsorship

Penn Club
• Relations improving thanks to Regina Jaslow, Ken Beck on Bd of Governors

3. By-Law Revisions
• Committee- Ken Beck, Dana Michael, Stanley Baum, Nigel Edelshain.
• Elections in June, selection process in May
• Issue: Being officer should be a privilege for motivated people
• Need re-energize Board of Directors
• To be clarified - duties of Board Members & Management
• May create an honorary Board of prior Board members & others invited

4. No Quorum – not an official meeting. Meeting Adjourned.

Minutes submitted by Jim Synk.