Help Wanted! Business Plan Competition

The WCNY's 1st ever Business Plan Competition is currently being planned, and we're looking for a few volunteers to head up the following areas.

Head of Event Planning - This individual would be charged with organizing the events (calendar, venues, etc) that will be required to manage the BPC. In addition, this person would have overall responsibility for the budget of the event.

Head of Marketing (BP Owners) - This person's aim would be to generate interest in and for the BPC amongst those in the Wharton entrepreneurial community with ideas that are seeking funding.

Head of Sponsorships - This individual would lead efforts to market the WCNY's BPC to potential sponsors who could offer money and/or in-kind services that would help fund the BPC as well as the prizes that will be given out to winners.

If you are interested, please contact Anand Sanwal at