Are you a VC or PE professional who is looking to share some time with the Wharton Club of NY and expand your network? We are seeking the following volunteers:

1. Volunteers to solicit, receive, process, validate and distribute the information on business candidates looking for funding. Guidelines will be identified for viable investment opportunities.
2. Volunteers to solicit, receive, process and monitor the VCs and PEs that are seeking investment opportunities.

Volunteers for #1 and #2 should have relevant experience in VC, PE or M&A. Time commitment is likely to be a few hours per month or more if deal volume increases significantly.

3. Volunteers to schedule and coordinate the presentations by companies looking for prospective investors. This position may require technical expertise if deal flow is strong and deal information is ultimately accessible on line.
4. Volunteers to monitor and regulate the process to make sure that the group is working within the Wharton Club’s guidelines. Individual will also report results back to the Wharton Club of NY, so that activities and achievements can be presented at board meetings.
5. Volunteer to represent the WVCPE at the Spring Dinner honoring Entrepreneurs and Venture of the Year.

Volunteers for #3 through 5 should have some familiarity with VC and PE, but more importantly be organized and eager to assist the WVCPE group in meeting their goals.

Benefits to volunteering:
Increase your involvement in the Wharton community, expand your VC and or PE network, assist fellow alumni in advancing their career goals.

If interested in any of these positions, please email Stephanie Shaw at