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A Note from the President
  Kenneth Beck, WG'87
Welcome to the Wharton Club of New York Member Web Site. The Wharton Alumni Association is one of the most exclusive and powerful networks in the world. As President of the New York Chapter, it is my responsibility to create and manage an infrastructure that can open doors, and provide business contacts, access, and opportunities for all alumni. We are fundamentally changing the way alumni interact with each other and with the school. One of the key elements to the success of this venture is our web site.

If you believe, as I do, that we should all TAKE THE CALL:
  • Wharton people should buy from Wharton people,
  • Wharton people should hire Wharton people, and
  • Wharton people should help Wharton people,
Then this web site is indispensable. In it you can find everything from a residential real estate broker to a financial planner; from phone equipment to office furniture; whatever you require, someone from Wharton has it or will know how to get it … all you have to do is call… And the contact information you need is here… all in one place… in a password protected, searchable data base of the 30,000 New York metropolitan area Wharton alumni.

This new site is not just an Internet vehicle. It is the Club’s intranet, and it is a work in progress. Soon you will be able to:
  • Better connect with your fellow alumni through a technology infrastructure hereto for unavailable to Alumni Associations in general.
  • Use Online Forums, to exchange messages, post job leads and opportunities, conduct general discussions, and receive and send feedback and suggestions.
  • Read the quarterly Newsletter, and obtain more in depth information about specific articles.
  • Receive more timely and better announcements on a regular basis.
This Website is a key way that we will make life-long networking a reality for The Wharton Alumni Association

While many volunteers have helped launch this web site, our Web Master Jack Huang is largely responsible for making it happen. Without Jack’s hard work, this web site would have taken another two years and would not be nearly as valuable. I cannot thank Jack enough for all of his efforts!

As you can see, our Alumni Association is more than just interesting events with phenomenal speakers. It is now about access... and you have it. Access to opportunities and people. Access to business leads, friendships, intellectual stimulation, investment capital, government, and career opportunities.

The Wharton Alumni Network is your most powerful tool for business, social, career, and intellectual growth. Use it! Use the Web site! Take the Call!


Kenneth Beck WG'87
Wharton Club of New York

Beck Enterprises

A Note from the Chairman

  Nigel Edelshain, WG'93
The Wharton Club of New York is the networking, career guidance, educational and social forum for the 16,000 plus MBA and undergraduate alumni in the New York City metropolitan area. The club conducts a variety of events each year, through the coordinated hard work of numerous alumni, who are dedicated to the furtherance of the Wharton network and to giving back to the Wharton School.

The Club's goal is to become the number one business resource for Wharton alumni in the New York area. We currently host two events a month, from September to May, featuring from around the world.In addition, the club's career and networking group organizes a monthly seminar to support the club's members in furthering their careers through personal networking and skills training. The club also maintains this website to bring local alumni information on our activities.

Our success is strictly correlated to the efforts put in by alumni to improve the club. We always welcome any support you can give us, either in your time or corporate support.

Nigel Edelshain, WG'93
Chairman, The Wharton Club of New York.

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Phone : (212) 463-5559
Email our Club Administrator Gabriela Sanchez with any questions.