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A Note from the President


Regina Jaslow, W'97

Welcome to the Wharton Club of New York web site! The Wharton Alumni Association is one of the most exclusive and powerful networks in the world. As President of the New York chapter – Wharton’s largest alumni chapter worldwide with over 30,000 alumni in the New York metropolitan area – it is my responsibility to create and manage an infrastructure that opens doors, provides business and personal connections, and opportunities for all alumni.

We are fundamentally changing the way alumni interact with each other and the school. By harnessing technology, we can engage with our diverse alumni in all walks and stages in life, and location. With technology, it makes it easier for us to connect and help each other.

The core of the Wharton Way is:
  1. Wharton alumni buy from Wharton alumni
  2. Wharton alumni hire Wharton alumni
  3. Wharton alumni help Wharton alumni
And at the very least, when a Wharton alum calls, you take the call.

While the floor of the Wharton Way is to “take the call”, we build upon this foundation to inculcate amongst alumni to “make the call”. Need a board seat filled? Make the call to a Wharton alum. Need a job or C-suite role filled? Make the call to a Wharton alum. To go beyond taking the call to making the call is a shift in our alumni mindset from thinking of your role as an alumnus as a passive one to that of a proactive member of our community. If all 30,000 Wharton alumni in the area did this, the cumulative impact would be staggering! Your every action in this regard enhances our alumni community, and makes the Wharton brand that much more valuable for all of us.

This website and our alumni resources will continue to grow (with your active input – make the call!) to serve your needs. If you are looking for anything at all, you should be able to find it within our Wharton alumni community.

This alumni club focuses on delivering value well beyond simply organizing events for alumni. We are focused on enabling access and creating tangible value to you, our alumni. Whether you are looking for business contacts or friendships, investment capital or businesses to invest in, intellectual stimulation or social interaction, professional development or other personal resources, government or career opportunities, our Club should be able to propel you forward.

I urge you to take an active role in participating in our vibrant alumni community – you’ve nothing but upside to gain from it and, quite frankly, our community is the true value of our investment in Wharton. Take advantage of your Wharton connection – take the call, and make the call!


Regina Jaslow W’97
Wharton Club of New York


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Phone : (212) 463-5559
Email our Club Administrator Gabriela Sanchez with any questions.