Andrew Goldberg, W ‘79

President and CEO, Publishers Clearinghouse

B.S in Marketing, W ‘79

Lawrence, NY

Wife Irene and six children ranging from 11 to 25. Oldest is graduating from NY Law, second is a Penn Grad pursuing a post-grad degree in History at NYU, and third is attending FIT.

Oceanside, NY

After graduating from Wharton, I started my career in broadcast ad sales (at RKO General and Metromedia Radio) after several media executives told me that the way to the top was through sales. I had a great time and learned a lot about media sales - especially since the New York radio market was extremely competitive before the industry consolidated. That experience is also proving to be quite valuable as PCH focuses on the growth of our online advertising business. I then spent a year and a half as a partner in a wholesale distribution business (candy, tobacco and health and beauty care) in North Florida. (The allure of an ownership stake in the business and beautiful Florida beaches was too good to pass up.) This gave me the chance to learn everything I had not learned at Wharton about the realities of running a small business.

Then in 1983, we came back to New York, and with very little money and a child on the way I took a job at Publishers Clearing House. My first position was managing an ancillary business where we served as the distribution vehicle for Procter & Gamble's biggest corporate coupon events. After about a year, I was also asked to run the Company's college magazine subscription division and this gave me the chance to learn the direct marketing business since Campus Subscriptions was in many ways a mini version of PCH's main business. Following that stint, I was asked to lead the Company's effort to diversify beyond magazines into other product categories (books, music, DVD's and a broad range of merchandise) which now account for the vast majority of the Company's $700 million in annual revenue. I have been CEO since 2003.

In reality, I never really chose direct marketing as a career path. But it's worked out great and I have no regrets.

My greatest accomplishments at PCH have centered around our ability to continually evolve the business - from magazines to merchandise, generic to targeted, affinity-driven marketing, and from 100% direct mail to a business that is now both multi-channel and purely online.

The PCH experience has allowed me to tap into different areas of interest — managing people, creating events (I was running neighborhood carnivals to benefit Muscular Dystrophy when I was in elementary school), merchandising product and tapping into an affinity for heartland America that probably came from too much time spent watching TV (game shows, talk shows, etc.) after school as a child. So even though I grew up in the Five Towns on Long Island, I think I had a really good understanding of “what plays in Peoria.”

I've been fortunate to lead one of the best direct marketing companies in the world. Direct marketing is great because it's a blend of analysis and creativity. And it tends to draw people who are solid, down to earth and straight shooters - which is a great match with my style.

I'm most proud of the success we've had keeping the business healthy and growing despite a variety of challenges, and the opportunity that has been given to other people within the Company to grow.

I am still excited about a lot of the new initiatives here at PCH - especially in the multi-channel and online area, where we are really getting a chance to leverage the great brand that's been around for 55 years. (It's scary but I've been around here for nearly half that time.) So I expect to be here for a quite a while.

Direct Marketing Association Board Member. DMA Executive Committee Board Member. A board member of my local synagogue, Congregation Beth Shalom, Lawrence, NY.

Annual Joseph Wharton Dinner Committee, 2006

Andy Goldberg is a respected leader in direct marketing with 25 years of industry experience. Under his leadership as President and CEO, Publishers Clearing House has experienced five consecutive years of significant revenue growth. The Company has also achieved impressive growth in its offline, multi-channel and online customer files.

Andy has held top positions in marketing, merchandising and Publishers Clearing House's rapidly growing online group. He is widely recognized as the driving force behind PCH's evolution from its original core business of magazine subscription sales into a major direct marketer of merchandise. The vast majority of PCH's annual revenue is now generated by a broad variety of merchandise including housewares, jewelry, collectibles, music, DVD's, books, horticulture, gift foods and personal care items.

Andy has also spearheaded the Company's shift towards database-driven marketing. Today about 35% of the Company's sales come from affinity-driven marketing efforts designed to closely target a customer's specific interests.

Andy has championed a number of other efforts aimed at strengthening PCH's position as a successful direct merchant, including direct sourcing, the development of first-rate merchandising and dramatic improvements in the Company's credit and collection practices.

Most recently he has overseen the expansion of PCH's online lead generation business and a growing network of microsites which includes, PCHLotto, PCHCoupons, PCHGames and Blingo, a search and win site which has experienced tremendous growth since its acquisition by PCH in mid 2006.

Andy has also strengthened the Company's management ranks by attracting top talent from a variety of leading companies outside traditional direct marketing circles.

Andy Goldberg, W ‘79
President and CEO
Publishers Clearing House
(516) 944-4627