Calling all Wharton Alumni Entrepreneurs!

Submit Your Business Plan to the WCNY Business Plan Competition

Who Should Enter the Competition?
If you are an entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur with an idea or early-stage business that would benefit from the following, you should participate. Submitting teams should have at least one Wharton Alum and should not have received any institutional funding in order to qualify for this competition. This competition is open to Wharton alumni nationally, who may not be members of the Wharton Club of NY.

Why Should You Enter the Competition?
Teams who enter and/or win the competition will receive:
1. Prize money as seed financing
2. Opportunities to showcase the idea to prominent Wharton alums
3. Networking opportunities with the venture capital community
4. In kind services from law, accounting and other professional services firms

Where Can I Sign Up to Receive More Info?
Please send e-mail to