Wharton Alumni Business Plan Competition Entry and Round 1 Judging FAQ

  1. When will I be able to submit a business plan?

  2. Submissions will be accepted in early November through the WCNY website. Stay tuned for announcements on the website to learn about submissions.

  3. Will there be an entry fee?

  4. Yes. Any team with a WCNY member will be charged $50 per team for a submission. Wharton alumni who are not WCNY members will be charged $100 per team. Fees will be payable by credit card through the WCNY site. If you'd like to enter the BPC, please CLICK HERE to be taken to a page where you can submit your entry fee.

  5. What is the deadline for submission of a business plan?

  6. Teams will be required to submit the executive summary for Round 1 by December 29, 2008.

  7. Who do I contact if I have a question about preparing my business plan?

  8. Email BPC@whartonny.com with your question and you will be in touch with one of the representatives from WCNY who can help answer your questions.

  9. What is the correct format for my business plan submission?

  10. All Round 1 submissions must be typed and no longer than 3 pages long. Documents must be submitted in PDF format in order to avoid any accidental changes. The document must contain the Team Leader's name, which must match the name used when paying your entry fee. Other contact details (phone, email address and alumni graduation year) must be included in the document.

  11. What are the Round 1 judging criteria?

All Round 1 submissions must address the following points:
  • Description of value proposition and features

  • Who is the target customer?

  • Estimated size and value of the market (current and projected)

  • Overview of the competitive landscape

  • Current status of project (i.e. design, prototype, etc.)

  • Milestones for the next 6-12 months

  • Background information on the founding team

Judges will be using the following criteria when evaluating entries:
  • Is the value proposition sound?

  • How original, innovative and thoughtful is the proposed product/service?

  • Is the value proposition articulated clearly and evaluated comprehensively?

  • Does the submission clearly identify a target market?
  • Does the submission identify other key market participants (competitors, potential partners, suppliers)?

  • Is the target market sufficiently large?

  • Does the business concept have competitive advantage(s) over existing solutions?

  • Is the revenue generation plan logical?

  • Is the business operationally feasible?

  • Does the submission clearly outline measurable, achievable near term milestones?

  • Do the founding team members have sufficient expertise to launch the business?

  1. Who will be judging the business plans?
Judges are Wharton alumni or business professionals with considerable business and/or prior entrepreneurial and venture experience.