WCNY Career Opportunity Groups

For Alumni in Transition

Wharton Club of New York Career Opportunity Groups

In the turmoil of the current economic environment Wharton alumni need a place where they can have the freedom to network and discuss job leads.

Five to six committed volunteers are needed to work with the Club's president and management team to create a structure providing support for Wharton alumni in transition. The simple concept is to provide a forum for people with jobs to meet with people who are searching for new jobs:
  1. To talk about job seeking strategies

  2. To share leads

  3. To discuss opportunities within an industry

  4. To learn about other industries

Time Commitment:
May be more intense in first two-three months, but typically a volunteer provides about 1-4 hrs each month.

All volunteers must be dues paying members of the Wharton Club of New York. The type of person would be most suited for the position:

§ Energetic and has experience with social impact projects
§ Committed to the committee's success
§ Able to work with volunteers to tap their ideas, guide and encourage them to bring their ideas to fruition

Application Process:
Interested volunteers should contact the Club's Manager, Stephanie Shaw at sshaw@whartonny.com providing contact information, indicating which volunteer position is of interest and explaining their enlightened self-interest in serving the Club. Once the submission is received, the applicant will be contacted by one of the Club's volunteers and asked to complete an application form for consideration by the Club's management team. The application process is intended to enhance the volunteer selection and placement process and to provide the Club with a dedicated set of volunteers who will find personal reward from involvement with the Club's activities and some who may want to rotate through the organization. The Club expects that each selected volunteer will treat this volunteer “job” as seriously as a professional job and recognize that it is an extension of his or her professional world.