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Nina Godiwalla shares some themes from her upcoming book, Suits: A Woman on Wall Street, a memoir about her experience at Morgan Stanley best described as Liar’s Poker meets The Devil Wears Prada.  It’s an insider’s perspective on investment banking from an outsider’s point of view—woman, second-generation Indian American, and Texan.  USA Today chose Suits as one of their top books to read.  In addition to discussing her experience as a first-year analyst in investment banking, Nina will talk about women and minorities conforming to corporate cultures, her career path from corporate executive to author, and using self-awareness to determine your optimal career path.

Book Summary
Far from home, a young woman fights to earn a place on Wall Street—and discovers the cost of success.

No class can prepare anyone for a career on Wall Street. While others in Nina Godiwalla’s Persian-Indian immigrant community were content to fulfill their parents’ dreams, Nina’s fierce ambition pulled her from Houston to New York to become a banker. The rarified taste of power left her hungry for more.

Showered with Broadway tickets and ferried around in sleek black town cars, investment banking analysts led a fast and flashy lifestyle, but at a steep cost. In a world where strip clubs took the place of conference rooms, Nina was driven to fit the mold of her fellow recruits: wealthy, white and male. But would she have to lose her Southern accent and suppress her family’s heritage to prove her worth on the trading floor?

In the tradition of Michael Lewis’s Liar’s Poker, Nina Godiwalla offers a behind-the-scenes look into Wall Street during the dot-com boom days. But Suits is also a story of the family Nina left behind: a story of fathers and daughters, the pursuit of honor, swapping your grandmother’s shrimp curry for takeout sushi and cocktails. A vibrant snapshot of an immigrant family with big dreams, Suits reveals how much we’ve been conditioned to trade for success.

Suits: A Woman on Wall Street (Feb. 2011)


Thursday, May 12, 2011 @ 6:00PM


Midtown location (Address will be sent to registered guests prior to event)

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