Associate Director, Newsletter Sponsorship and Advertising

Reports to Chair of Sponsorship Committee

Committee Description:
The Sponsorship Committee focuses on building partnerships and generating revenue for the club, by leveraging WCNY assets (including the annual Joseph Wharton dinner, website, magazine and other ongoing events and programing). The Marketing and Communications Division develops, coordinates and maintains all communications with members including: sponsorship, Club magazine, member directory, the website, meeting minutes, email blasts, annual report. It ensures that all member communication vehicles are relevant and available to the needs of our members. This division is responsible for creating communications and services for the membership in order to ensure a high percentage of member retention and for the process of bringing new members into the club. Since the addition of new members is vital not only to the survival and prosperity of the alumni network, it is perhaps the most important function of the Club.

Support the Sponsorship team in soliciting target partners and advertisers for the WCNY Magazine, a print publication (also available as a pdf online) that is mailed twice per year to 30,000+ Wharton alumni in the New York region . Volunteers will identify opportunities, respond to requests for information, work on proposals and be actively involved in negotiations with potential sponsors and advertisers. This is a great opportunity to gain exposure to alumni and other business leaders working in marketing, business development and sales.

Time Commitment:
Time will vary throughout the year, but it will be approximately 2 hours per month on average.

All volunteers must be dues paying members of the Wharton Club of New York. This would be a great opportunity to polish up those sales and partnership skills to support the Club’s various revenue streams. We are looking for people who have a firm business grounding and who have the time to give to the Club.

Application Process:
Interested volunteers should complete the volunteer application and submit a resume to Gabriela Sanchez, the Club’s Administrator at  Once the submission is received, the applicant will be contacted by one of the Club’s volunteers. The Club expects that each selected volunteer will treat this volunteer "job" as seriously as a professional job and recognize that it is an extension of his or her professional world.