Big Brothers Big Sisters Mentoring Program

Big Brothers Big Sisters
Mentoring Program

Question: Do you think you can change the world in two hours?
How about in two hours/month?

Answer: Of course you can!! You can change the world one life at a time by being a mentor to a high school student in the New York area.

Don’t believe you can -- just read below to see what the Littles have said:

Loved my Big because she showed me respect.
I talked to my Big about my future and going to college; I can't wait to go!
Spending time together was the best. We were close friends.
As a Big you’ll benefit too:

Give back to a great group of kids.
Share your college experience and inspire a group of kids to go.
Develop a better understanding of social problems in the city.
Meet fellow Wharton Alumni in the area.

For the last four years, the Wharton Club of NY and the Wharton Alumni Association have partnered with the influential Big Brothers Big Sisters. Program of New York. Wharton alumni have mentored high school students from Murray Bergtraum High School (for business careers) in downtown Manhattan, just five blocks away from Ground Zero.

Each year, Wharton alumni mentor high school students throughout the year. It is a group mentoring program, so if you miss a meeting, we have other mentors who will be there for the students.

Mentors and students meet once/month every month from November to June from 5:30 PM to 7: 30 PM. Meetings are held at either The Penn Club of NY, the offices of Big Brothers Big Sisters, or the group goes on outings (such as rock climbing or visiting the NY Stock Exchange).

If you would like to become a mentor or would like more information about the program please contact Matthew Greene.