Wharton Alumni Angel Network


The Wharton Alumni Angel Network (WAAN) - a group of the Wharton Club of New York fosters an entrepreneurial community backed by the strength of the Penn and Wharton alumni network. We help members and entrepreneurs:
  • Develop and build relationships around investment opportunities
  • Learn about angel investing and discover the tools needed to become a better investor
  • Connect with exceptional mentors
  • Be a trusted, go-to destination for capital, advisory, or educational needs

We seek to:
  • Surface high quality, early stage investment opportunities for Wharton and Penn alumni angel investors
  • Match entrepreneurs with the right set of angel investors and mentors
  • Deliver world class programming, events and angel education resources. Through our programs and resources, we aim to groom novice investors while enhancing the investment experience of more experienced alumni angels
For more information, visit www.whartonangelnetwork.co.