University Relations Committee - Seeking Volunteers

Reports to the Chair of the University Relations Committee under the management of the Vice President for the Programming Division.

University Relations Committee:
In coordination with the Wharton School Graduate Admissions Committee, this committee is responsible for organizing presentations to prospective MBA students to encourage their acceptance to the program. This committee also works with student groups on campus to support students who are interested in moving to New York following graduation. The Wharton Club of New York considers this committee and its work a direct contribution to the Wharton School.

Reports to:
Chair of the University Relations Committee under the management of the Vice President for the Programming Division.

The Division:
The Programming Division has responsibility to develop, implement, and coordinate all activities designed to educate, entertain and/or provide support and information for the alumni network. This committee is headed by the Vice President of Programming and the arms of this Division are: Wharton Speaker Series, University Relations and the Social & Special Events Committee.

Volunteers will coordinate with the Graduate Admissions Committee the school’s presentations to prospective MBA students who have been accepted but have not yet made the decision to attend. Every year, the Graduate Admissions committee organizes two to three presentations to potential students as well as two welcome events, one in the winter and one in the spring. We know that prospective students refer to their interaction with Wharton alumni as one of the key drivers in their decision to enroll in Wharton MBA program, so these presentations are essential to the success of the admission process. The format of the events is usually a presentation by one of the Admissions Committee officers followed by a panel of Wharton MBA alumni and a mingling session. Specific tasks for the Committee include coordinating the planning of events, advertising the events with alumni, working with the Graduate Admissions Committee to send out invitations and being present at the event. In addition, this committee is charged with creating a New York Club on campus at Wharton targeting first and second year students planning to go to New York after school. We expect this endeavor to generate awareness and engagement among current students.

These volunteer positions are ideal to create relationships with Wharton alumni and have an impact on the admission process.

Time Commitment:
The time commitment is low to medium depending on the period of the year and is mainly concentrated during the winter and spring for the Round 1 and Round 2 events themselves and, to a lesser extent, during the summer. Note that you must have access to email which you can monitor on a daily basis, as much of the coordination among the volunteer team is conducted via email.  Being easy to reach and responsive will make the job much easier to manage.

All volunteers must be supporting (dues paying) members of the Wharton Club of New York. The type of person most suited for the position is anybody with a passion for Wharton and a willingness to make a difference and help attracting the best candidates.  Ideally, the volunteer will be a former Graduate Assistant to the MBA Admissions Committee. Must be a good communicator and must have exceptional organizational and people skills.

Application Process:
Interested volunteers should complete the volunteer application and submit a resume to Gabriela Sanchez, the Club’s Administrator at  Once the submission is received, the applicant will be contacted by one of the Club’s volunteers. The Club expects that each selected volunteer will treat this volunteer "job" as seriously as a professional job and recognize that it is an extension of his or her professional world.