Event Photographer

Reports to Vice President, Marketing and Communications

The Division:
The Marketing and Communications Division develops, coordinates and maintains all communications with members including: sponsorship, magazine, member directory, the website, email blasts, annual report. It ensures that all member communication vehicles are available and relevant to the needs of our members. This division is responsible for creating communications and services for the membership in order to both attract and retain club members. Since the addition and retention of members is vital not only to the survival and prosperity of the alumni network, it is perhaps the most important function of the chapter.

The event photographer will work closely with the Vice President of Programming, the chair of the Social Committee and others to identify and attend programs that would be good candidates for photographs for the Wharton Club website and the Wharton Club Magazine. This individual will also catalog photos submitted by Members for use in these forums.

Time Commitment:
Approximately 2 hours per week over the year but certain time periods will be much busier than others. Note that you must have access to email which you can monitor on a daily basis, as much of the coordination among the volunteer team is conducted via email. Being easy to reach and responsive will make the job much easier to manage.

All volunteers must be supporting (dues paying) members of the Wharton Club of New York. The type of person would be most suited for the position: Having an interest in the programming and be willing to attend to take candid photographs. Must have a camera and related equipment. We are looking for people who have the time to give to the Club.

Application Process:
Interested volunteers should complete the volunteer application and submit a resume to Gabriela Sanchez, the Club’s Administrator at gsanchez@whartonny.com.  Once the submission is received, the applicant will be contacted by one of the Club’s volunteers. The Club expects that each selected volunteer will treat this volunteer "job" as seriously as a professional job and recognize that it is an extension of his or her professional world.