Non-Profit Social Impact Affinity Group (WNP-SIA)

Reports to Chair of Affinity Groups within the Business Development Division.

The Division:
The Business Development Division is designed to develop, implement, and coordinate all activities to help alumni run or grow their businesses..

Affinity Groups:
Designed to network with other professionals in your industry and attend events centered around your professional interests. Affinity group managers should currently be working in and/or have significant experience in the vertical/affinity area. This group focuses its attention around specific interest or industries like: investment banking, consulting, venture capital, retail, and young alumni. These groups meet to discuss common issues, problems and opportunities.

Non-Profit-Social Impact Affinity Group Description:
The Group brings together Wharton alumni currently working in the not-for-profit arena either as a professional or as a volunteer board member; and those working in the for-profit sector in social impact areas to network with fellow professionals and volunteers in the field; increase their business knowledge; be informed about community needs; and actively support each other's business and personal career goals.

The Chair is responsible for recruiting and managing volunteers and membership in this network and will take a lead role in membership identification. The Chair, together with the Vice-Chair, will be responsible for planning and scheduling regular events relevant to the needs of this community. S/he will also be responsible for the preparation and management of the affinity group’s annual budget and information reporting. The Chair of WNP-SIA will provide input to the Affinity Group Chair to share ideas and best practices with the other Wharton Club of New York affinity groups. The Chair is responsible for establishing and maintaining the policies and procedures of the affinity group, document and provide to the Affinity Group Chair the activities of the group each quarter. This is an excellent opportunity for those interested in building connections in the nonprofit world. It is highly recommended that a Vice-Chair be identified to provide continuity for the members.

Time Commitment:
Approximately 2 hours per week. Note that you must have access to email which you can monitor on a daily basis, as much of the coordination among the volunteer team is conducted via email. Being easy to reach and responsive will make the job much easier to manage.

All volunteers must be supporting members of the Wharton Club of New York. The type of person would be most suited for the position: an organized business/marketing professional who is looking for a challenging volunteer position that will benefit the entire membership of the Club. Volunteer must have exceptional organizational and people skills, supported by strong technical skills using Microsoft Office products. We are looking for people who have the time to give to the Club.

Application Process:
Interested volunteers should complete the volunteer application and submit a resume to Gabriela Sanchez, the Club’s Administrator at  Once the submission is received, the applicant will be contacted by one of the Club’s volunteers. The Club expects that each selected volunteer will treat this volunteer "job" as seriously as a professional job and recognize that it is an extension of his or her professional world.