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Getting More For Executives In Work And Life
The Most Sought-After Course At The Wharton School of Business

Professor Stuart Diamond's acclaimed, innovative and insightful methods on negotiation has been the most sought-after by students at the top-rated Wharton School over 15 years.

“Life-changing” is among the most common comments about the course:
  • Innovative. Getting More is the principal negotiation model used by Google to train its employees worldwide. More than 8,500 Googlers have been trained.
  • Effective. Getting More has been documented to produce a return on investment of $30,000 for each $100 spent on training with the model.
  • Practical. The Wall Street Journal's career site named Getting More as “the best book to read for your career.”
  • Competitive. Morgan Stanley, the global investment bank, called Getting More “the negotiation model of choice for our CEO clients and staff of financial advisors.”
  • Best Selling. More than 1 million copies have been sold worldwide, making Getting More the largest selling book on negotiation since its publication in 2011.
  • Broadly Applicable. The model has proved successful in dozens of countries, from Pakistan to China, Brazil to Saudi Arabia, South Africa to Russia, with any culture and with any activity, from billion dollar deals to raising kids to political issues.
  • Reduces Conflict. Getting More is used by U.S. Special Operations, the military elite (Seals, Green Berets, Special Forces, Marines), to promote stability through better communication and human connections. More than 4,000 soldiers trained. “This…saves lives,” soldiers wrote to Prof. Diamond.
Professor Diamond's new model, based on 25 years of research among 30,000 people in 50 countries, says that the traditional way of negotiation doesn't work very well – power, leverage, win-win, logic, threats, walking out, invoking competition. Instead, Getting More teaches that finding and valuing the other party's perceptions and emotions – the pictures in their heads – creates four times as much value: twice as many deals and each deal averages twice as much.

In today's increasingly multicultural international business climate, understanding the perceptions and emotions of the other party, at the outset, produces a much higher chance of meeting ones goals and adding value. It is a model based not just on collaboration, however; it insists on fairness and extensively uses third parties and standards to make deals more long-lasting and fair over time.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


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All attendees will be provided with a signed book and the Getting More wallet card of negotiation tools.

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Getting More Workshop
Comments on the Model and the Training

“Best training on this or any subject.”
- John Sobel, as Senior VP & General Counsel of Yahoo!

“Practical, immediately applicable, and highly effective.”
- Evan Wittenberg, as Google training Director

“For women, empowering and enabling.”
- Umber Ahmad, as Vice President of Goldman Sachs

“I rely on Stuart Diamond’s negotiation tools daily.”
- Christian Hernandez, as international Business Development Head of Facebook

“Our single most practical learning experience.”
- Brian Smith, Learning Head, Virtua Health System in New Jersey

“Stuart Diamond equipped me with the tools to be more effective in all of life’s pursuits.”
--Larry Loftus, Head of Proctor & Gamble, Far East

“Invaluable - on the field and with my kids.”
- Anthony Noto, as CFO, National Football League

“The most important class I have ever taken.”
- Shanan Bentley, as Senior Vice President, Citigroup