Wharton Retail Network (WhRN)


Susan Teplitz, WG'86

About the Wharton Retail Network (WhRN)
Retail encompasses numerous categories spanning a broad range of products and services, including but not limited to automotive, electronics, food and beverage, financial services and clothing/apparel. Each has its own characteristics, challenges, opportunities, and very often corporate culture. Although many may be shared, others are unique to their sector/sub-sector.

The WhRN will segment these sectors initially to those with sufficient common interest/challenges and opportunities to help create a cohesive group. We will start with Fashion/Luxury to be defined as Clothing and Accessories, which will include but may not be limited to Clothing, Footwear, Eyewear, Jewelry, and Fragrances.

The WhRN/Fashion/Luxury seeks to engage professionals in the retail of Apparel and Accessories or firms that support them. We will try to structure small gatherings of 20-30 individuals each to explore innovation and new thinking in areas of interest to them such as:
  • Integration/convergence of digital with store front retail
  • Advertising and communication/social media platforms Technology to improve productivity
  • Store design
  • Real estate/new developing areas for retail in major markets
  • Integrate latest learning from The Baker Center in areas of interest to membership
Finally, The WhRN will seek ongoing input from members as to areas of interest for speakers and will seek to engage those speakers. 

Membership is available to paid supporting members of the Wharton Club of New York

For more information, contact whrn@whartonny.com.