WCNY Arts Network (WhAN) Kickoff Planning Meeting

Affinity Group

The WCNY Arts Network (WhAN) is seeking new volunteers and members.

About the WCNY Arts Network (WhAN)
The WCNY Arts Network is an affinity group designed to provide Wharton alumni engaged in the arts with opportunities for networking and professional development as well as a forum to examine trends, challenges and thought leadership in areas impacting this field.

We are currently seeking members working in the arts. Since within the arts there are numerous categories and sub-categories, the WhAN may have several smaller affinity sub-groups tailored to the needs, interests and challenges of specific categories. We are looking at sub groups within the network in the areas of visual arts, applied arts, performing arts, literary arts, media arts and culinary arts.

The Wharton Arts Network will provide a forum for members to discuss specific needs and interests that will drive the speaker schedule.  We will provide a forum to explore best practices, hear from industry leaders on a range of issues, as well as networking and personal development.

Leadership and volunteer opportunities
Neil Blumstein W’78, will lay the foundation for and will Chair the WhAN.

Neil is the Director of DAG Modern’s New York gallery (DAG). Formerly known as Delhi Art Gallery, DAG is one of the preeminent galleries devoted to modern Indian art.

We are seeking a core group of interested members who currently work independently or for organizations in the arts to attend an organizational meeting on July 21 and work out the details and schedule of this group.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015, 6:30 pm

Midtown location

Re:  1) Attendance
       2) Your interest in participating in WhAN.

WhAN is a great opportunity to build your network and knowledge within the arts field. If you would like to be involved, and are interested to attend the launch meeting, please contact Neil Blumstein: WhAN@whartonny.com.

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