Nick Craig

Leadership expert and co-author of The Discover Your True North Fieldbook: A Personal Guide to Finding Your Authentic Leadership (available Aug. 20, 2015)

Nick Craig is a published author and expert on leadership topics and the president of the Authentic Leadership Institute, a leadership consulting firm committed to leaders and organizations discovering their deeper purpose and having the courage to live it.

Nick’s insights and approach come from over 25 years of working with top teams, managing senior leadership programs, coaching executives and architecting results-focused change initiatives.

Nick co-authored The Discover Your True North Fieldbook: A Personal Guide to Finding Your Authentic Leadership (available Aug. 20, 2015) with Bill George and Scott Snook.  He also co-authored Finding Your True North with Bill George and Andrew McLean (Josse-Bass 2008), a guide that provides leaders with methods for personal reflection and targeted exercises that help them to hone in on the purpose of their leadership and developing their authentic leadership skills.  In addition, Nick is the co-author of “From Purpose to Impact” with Scott Snook (Harvard Business Review, May 2014), which helps leaders to identify their individual leadership purpose and achieve their professional and personal goals.

Nick’s work in the area of leadership purpose has been used in corporate and academic settings, including GE, Unilever, and Wharton’s Advanced Management Program. Nick’s role as a Wharton Fellow is documented at Wharton@Work, and his article “Confidence is an Inside Job” is one of the most requested articles in the last five years. He has also worked with MIT’s Sloan School to develop their Leadership Center and executive coaching program based on the Distributed Leadership Model. 

Nick’s work is documented in the chapter, “Beyond the Fads: How Leaders Drive Change with Results,” by Ron Ashkenas from the book Managing Strategic & Cultural Change in Organizations and in the book The GE Work-Out. His client work with Russell Eisenstat and Michael Beer is documented in the February 2004 Harvard Business Review article, “How to Have an Honest Conversation about Your Business Strategy.”

For additional insights into the work of Nick and the Authentic Leadership Institute, please refer to the HBS Case “Unilever’s Paul Polman: Developing Global Leaders,” May 2013.