WCNY Retail Network (WhRN) Planning Meeting

Affinity Group

The WCNY Retail Network (WhRN) of Food and Beverage invites you to join us in a planning meeting for events to be held over the next six to twelve months.

About the WCNY Retail Network (WhRN)
The WCNY Retail Network is an affinity group designed to provide Wharton alumni engaged in Retail with opportunities for networking and professional development as well as a forum to examine trends, challenges and thought leadership in areas impacting this field. We understand sub-segments in this sector, and have launched the WhRN within the food and beverage segment, with a focus on the high end/luxury Food and Beverage arena. To date we have had three events including our initial planning meeting. WhRN/Food and Beverage is a great opportunity to build your network and knowledge within the high end food and beverage industry. We will also seek opportunities to network with other sectors in the Wharton Retail Network and when appropriate seek involvement of Wharton faculty.

We are seeking a core group of interested members from within the Food and Beverage sector to form an organizational meeting and work out the details and schedule of this group over the next six to twelve months. Past Event Chairs and members of the leadership team, Saloni Sanghvi Varma, Carlos Trostli, Jonathan Tretler and Nick Morris will help lead the discussion. They lead the past two events, Top Ten Trends in Food and Beverage and F&B Startup Bootcamp which were hugely successful and will continue to lead them on an annual basis. We are interested in getting your feedback and new ideas for events and identifying two co-chairs for each event. We welcome participants with food and beverage experience who would like to work with us to help fill out  the schedule and/or help run new events.
Wednesday June 22, 2016
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Midtown Location Note: Address will be sent via email to all registered guests 24-48 hours prior to the event to the "Primary Email" address listed in your profile. Please review your profile to confirm that the email address listed is correct.)

If you would like to be involved, please contact Susan Teplitz: whrn@whartonny.com.