WCNY CTO/CSO Network (WhCTO/CSO) Kick-Off Meeting

Affinity Group

The Wharton Club of New York Affinity Groups is pleased to announce the formation of the WCNY CTO/CSO Network (WhCTO/CSO).  WhCTO/CSO is seeking CTO's, CSO's, Technology Leaders, and Technology Experts as thought leaders and volunteers/members who would be interested in joining the steering committee.  This steering will select and prioritize topics for discussion, speakers and events.

About the WCNY CTO/CSO Network (WhCTO/CSO)
The objective for WhCTO/CSO will be to provide a forum to current and aspiring CTO (Chief Technology Officers) and CSO (Chief Strategy Officers) for exploring ideas, knowledge and networking opportunities as relevant.  Through these engagements, our members will have an opportunity to obtain a better understanding of the basic concepts of:
  • how to stay up to date on all technologies in the marketplace that you are in (semiconductors, telecommunications, Internet services, Health Sciences, etc.),
  • how to 'evaluate' the advantages of a new 'technology/product' vs. others,
  • how to 'choose' a Technology to develop to with a plan to monetize it,
  • how to 'evaluate' the current & future 'value' of acquiring (licensing, partnering, etc)
The role of a CTO is often advisor to CSO, and requires both technical skills and financial skills, which are often 2 distinctly different skill sets.

WhCTO/CSO intends to engage professionals (CTO, CSO, Technical Advisors, Venture Firms, M&A, etc.) who work for technology companies (listed above) and also the firms that support them.

Leadership and volunteer opportunities
Hans Schmitz EMTM 2002, Chair
Roland Ting EMTM 2002, Co-Chair

Hans is Area Technical Manager at Microsemi Corporation, a leading Semiconductor Design and Manufacturing company.

Roland is Sr. Manager at AT&T, a leading telecommunication company.

Kick-Off Meeting
We welcome all Wharton Alumni who hold related roles and interested in becoming either a member and/or active leader in our steering committee to attend our Kick-off meeting to be held on March 7, 2017.  We want to hear what members would be highly interested in as well as use this time to plan out details of upcoming events and fill various committee roles.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Midtown Location (Note: Address will be sent via email to all registered guests 24-48 hours prior to the event to the "Primary Email" address listed in your profile. Please review your profile to confirm that the email address listed is correct.)

To Register:
To register, please contact Hans at whctocso@whartonny.com and include your full name, title, company and any particular interests you may have for the group.
Due to building security requirements, you must pre-register for this event.
Registration is subject to availability and will close on Monday, March 6th at 4:00 pm  - No Exceptions!