Wharton Single Family Office Network (SFO)

Business Networking & Affinity Group

The objective for the Wharton SFO Group will be to provide an intimate gathering for family members and their executives to share investing trends, operation intelligence and deal insights.  A Single Family Office is defined as one family pool of capital being invested and protected for one or multiple generations.

Leadership and volunteer opportunities:
Randy Joy Epstein W’97 and Bill Haddad W’89 will Co-Chair the SFO Group.

Randy is a Disruptor at Randy Joy & Co optimizing Single Family Offices and Real Estate companies.  Bill is a Corporate Partner at Cooley law firm focused on M&A transactions globally.

We welcome all Wharton Alumni who are Family Members of a Single Family Office or their Family Office executives in becoming a member of this group.  For more information, please contact Randy Joy Epstein and Bill Haddad at SFO@whartonny.com.