Rob Dinerman W'78

VP, Business Development

Rob Dinerman is an Executive Director for The John Maxwell Team (JMT), a global thinktank for Business and Leadership transformation. He is also President of Leadership USA which offers performance coaching to business leaders and executives.

Rob and his associates at JMT believe that increasing the level and effectiveness of leadership is essential to growing American and world economies. Recently, JMT has been invited to teach leadership principals by over 20 heads of state. They have brought its teams to Romania, Guatemala and Paraguay. Their next stop is Costa Rica. JMT estimates they have trained over 100,000 people at government and educational institutions in these countries. They also teach leadership and character education to about 500,000 youths per year through their Global Youth Initiatives.

Rob began his career at Salomon Brothers where he worked on the Government and newly formed Mortgage Backed Securities trading desks. After developing trading systems there, he moved into technology managing teams at tech companies like Oracle, Sun, and Gartner.

Rob earned his BS in Economics from Wharton majoring in Finance, Accounting as well as a Psyc. degree (from Penn). He started with the Wharton Club of NY in 1978 as an officer and as part of the University Alumni task force. Education, The Union County School Board Association and a board member at other organizations
Rob is married to Linda and they have 3 grown children. He is very active locally as an elected member of the New Providence, NJ Board of Education.