Get involved with WCNY Affinity Groups

Affinity groups are a great way to network with other professionals in your industry and attend events centered around your professional interests. They are only open to wharton alumni who work in the particular industry or in the case of investing, those who meet specific criteria. At present, WCNY has four affinity groups: (1) Media & Entertainment, (2) Entrepreneur, (3) Fine Arts & Design, and (4) Hedge Fund.

We are in the process of creating the following Affinity Groups:

Angel Investor Network
Real Estate Investing - Small
Real Estate Investing - Large
Small Investing
Boutique Consulting
Private Equity

If you are interested in getting involved with one of our groups or in spearheading a proposed group, send an email with your contact information and the group in which you have an interest to: Affinity Group. Any other ideas on new affinity groups are also welcome.

Hedge Fund – Bring together Wharton alumni who are members of the greater hedge fund community. You must be directly working in the hedge fund arena including hedge funds, allocators, lawyers, accountants, bankers, third-party administrators, third-party marketers, or real estate professionals specializing in the hedge fund space.

Entrepreneur - Provide a means for Wharton entrepreneurs at various stages of business evolution and varying levels of entrepreneurial experience to increase their ability to succeed by (1) pooling and sharing resources, ideas, best practices, (2) provide mentorship with other entrepreneurs and/or Wharton faculty, (3) building relationships with funding sources and (4) networking.

Media & Entertainment - Increase networking and learning among professionals in the media & entertainment sectors for Wharton alumni. Networking can be difficult in these sectors, especially since Wharton has a relatively small alumni base in them. We hope to build relationships among participants that open doors to new business, career possibilities, and useful industry and company information.

Fine Art & Design - Foster networking and sharing of resources among Wharton alumni who have a professional interest in the fields of fine and decorative arts, design, and décor. In addition, the group hosts events for the Wharton community so those who are interested personally in art & design can benefit from the perspective of members and member contacts.

Anand Sanwal

WCNY Affinity Group Chairperson