Wharton's Global Alumni Association- 80,000 Alumni Worldwide

To create a world-class Alumni network that: a) engages 100% of our Wharton alumni throughout their entire alumni life, b) provides tangible benefits that exceed what local clubs are able to offer, and c) represents the views and interests of the alumni to Wharton, Penn, and the community.

Benefits of a Global Alumni Association:

Consolidate 81 independently-administered clubs under one (1) separate non-for-profit global organization that is interrelated and interdependent with the Wharton School; and one that works closely with the School.
Have a representative infrastructure that is mandated by membership, and a governing Board that is openly and systematically elected.
Provide a formal and transparent leadership pipeline for alumni volunteers.
Offer worldwide benefits and services to Alumni members.
Identify and develop new/emerging chapters and affinity/interest groups worldwide.
Develop and apply a universal membership dues structure .
Centrally process all membership payments and apply funds to Chapters directly.
Manage risks through global insurance coverage.
Provide administrative & technical support to all chapters/groups (i.e., administrative support, technology, accounting, taxes, legal, etc).
Serve as School liaison (i.e., Faculty speaking, Career Management resources, Executive Education services, Student, Reunions, Development, Marketing & Communications, etc).
Foster the career, business, social, personal and intellectual growth and interests of its members.

Roles & Responsibilities
Chapters (Clubs)

Role: Engager, Developer & Producer (locally); Co-Promoter (globally).


Enhance professional and personal development of local Chapter/Club members (i.e., industry keynotes, panels, CEO networks,
business lead councils, etc).
Promote life-long learning (i.e., skills development, Executive Education courses, etc).
 ­Facilitate career development and management (i.e., tools, resources).
Facilitate social networking at the local level.
 ­Identify and secure local sponsorship.
Identify and engage new alumni volunteers.
 ­Co-promote and market local alumni network.
 ­Provide tangible local benefits to its members (i.e. access to jobs, business leads, capital, deal flow, contacts, discounts etc).
Work with the Wharton School for event planning & coordination.

Parent organization

Role: Processor, Developer, Liaise and Co-Promoter (globally).


Process centralized membership payments (web, mail, fax).
Identify and develop new geographic chapters and affinity groups.
Identify and secure global sponsorship.
 ­Manage global risk (i.e., insurance, legal, and assist with tax compliance)
Identify and engage new alumni volunteers.
Manage volunteer leadership pipeline.
Co-facilitate leadership awards & recognition program with the School.
 ­Execute marketing & communication plans worldwide with the School.
 ­Co-facilitate development and reunions plans with the School.
 ­Co-promote global association (which engages 100% of alums throughout life cycle).
Provide tangible worldwide benefits to its members (i.e. access to jobs, business leads, capital, deal flow, contacts, discounts, etc).
 ­Create and manage an infrastructure that provides business contacts, access, and opportunities to Wharton Alumni.
 ­Represent the views and interests of the alumni to Wharton, Penn, and the community.
 ­Partner with School for strategic planning & coordination, support and as-needed resources.

All Wharton alums will receive a “Lifetime Alumni card” that comes with certain complimentary global benefits. Membership dues will be applied universally for special services and extra benefits (i.e., special event pricing for all chapters worldwide, access to a global membership database for networking and information exchange, extra special sponsorship benefits, etc.)