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2018 Dinner

2019 Steering Committee
Kenneth Beck, WG'87

Regina Jaslow, W'97
Arthur Bass, W'73
Awards Chair

Udayan Chattopadhyay, WG'01
Sponsorship Chair
2019 Honorary Committee
Mr. Eric Adler, WG’96
Co-Founder & Chairman
The SEED Foundation

Mr. Deepak Advani, WG'98
Managing Director
Hellman & Friedman LLC

Mr. Jay Baker, W’56
Former President

Mr. Kunal Bahl, ENG'06, W'06
Co-Founder and CEO

Mr. Kenneth Beck, WG'87
CEO Connection

Mr. Matthew C. Blank, W'72
Showtime Networks Inc.

Mr. Jeff Todd Blau, WG'92
Related Companies

Mr. Neil Blumenthal, WG'10
Co-Founder and Co-CEO
Warby Parker

Mr. Geoffrey T. Boisi, WG'71
Chairman & CEO
Roundtable Investment Partners, LLC

Mr. Samuel R. Chapin, WG'84
Retired Executive Vice Chairman
Bank of America Merril Lynch

Mr. Steven A. Cohen, W'77
Chairman and Founder
Point 72 Asset Mangement

Mr. Arthur D. Collins, Jr., WG'73

Retired Chairman & CEO
Medtronic, Inc.

Mr. Robert Crandall, WG'60
Former Chairman
American Airlines

Mrs. Connie K. Duckworth, WG'79
Founder & CEO
Arzu, Inc.

Mr. Gene Falk, WG'80
Co-Founder, Executive Director

Mr. Jeff Fluhr, W'96, ENG'96

CEO, Co-Founder
Flurry Live

Ms. Caren S. Franzini, C'80, WG'84
Franzini Consulting

Mr. Dave Gilboa, WG'10
Co-Founder and Co-CEO
Warby Parker

Mr. Alex Gorsky, WG'96
Chairman & CEO
Johnson & Johnson


Mr. Jonathan Gray, C'92, W'92
President & Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Gilbert W. Harrison JD, W'62, L'65
Harrison Group, Inc.

Mr. Jon M. Huntsman, W'59, H'96
Founder and Chairman
Huntsman Corporation

Mr. Brett Hurt, WG'99

CEO and Co-founder

Mr. Stanley R. Jaffe, W62
Owner Jaffilms, LLC

Mr. Robert S. Kapito, W'79
President and Director

Mr. Josh Kopelman, W’93
Managing Director
First Round Capital

Mr. Leonard A. Lauder, W'54
Chairman Emeritus
The Estée Lauder Companies, Inc.

Mr. Gustave K. Lipman, W'94
Senior Vice President
Allied Universal

Mr. Peter Lynch, WG'68
Vice Chairman
Fidelity Management and Research

Mr. William Mack, W'61
Co-Founder and Chairman
The Mack Real Estate Group (MREG)

Mr. Vikram Malhotra, WG'86
McKinsey & Company

Ms. Victoria B. Mars, WG'84
Former Chairman, Board of Directors
Mars, Incorporated

Mr. Howard S. Marks, W'67
CFA and Co-Chairman

Oaktree Capital Management

Mr. David J. Matlin, WG'83
Chief Executive Officer
Matlin Patterson Global Advisors LLC  

Mr. Harold McGraw III, WG'76
The McGraw-Hill Companies

Mr. Andrew G. McMaster, Jr., WG'76
Retired Vice Chairman
Deloitte & Touche USA LLP

Dr. Joseph J. Melone, W'53, WG'54, GR'61
Retired President & CEO
AXA Financial Incorporated

Mr. Aditya Mittal, W'96
Chief Financial Officer
Member of Group Management Board

Mr. Farhad Mohit, WG'96
Founder and CEO
Flipagram Inc

Mr. Ken Moelis, W’80, WG’81
Founder, Chairman
Moelis & Company

Mr. David B. Nash, MD, WG'86
Jefferson School of Population Health

Ms. Phebe Novakovic, WG’88
Chairman and CEO
General Dynamics Corporation

Mr. Michael A. Nutter, W'79
Former Mayor of Philadelphia

David N. Dinkins Professor of Professional Practice in Urban and Public Affairs, Columbia University"

Dr. Mehmet Oz, WG'86, M'86
The Dr. Oz Show
Ms. Michelle Peluso
, W'93

Chief Marketing Officer

Mr. Ronald O. Perelman, W'64, WG'66
Chairman & CEO
MacAndrews & Forbes Holdings Inc

Mr. James David Power III, WG’59
J.D. Power and Associates

Mr. Jesse Pujji, W'06, C'06
Co-Founder and CEO

Mr. James S. Riepe, W'65, WG'67, HON'10
Senior Advisor and Retired Vice Chairman
T. Rowe Price Group, Inc.

Mr. Brian L. Roberts, W'81
Chairman and CEO
Comcast Corporation

Mr. Slava Rubin, W’00

Dr. Henning Schulte-Noelle, WG’73
Chairman - Supervisory Board
Allianz SE

Mr. Eric S. Schwartz, W84 WG85
76 West Holdings

Mr. Jake Schwartz, WG’08
Co-Founder and CEO
General Assembly    

Mr. John Sculley, WG'63
Sculley Advisors LLC

Mr. Nick Shah, W'06
Co-Founder and COO

Dr. Rajiv Shah, M'02, GRW'05
Rockefeller Foundation

Ms. Durreen Shahnaz, WG'95
Founder and Chairperson
Impact Investment Exchange Asia (IIX) and Shujog

Mr. Alvin V. Shoemaker, W'60 HON'95
Retired Chairman
Executive Committee of First Boston

Mr. D. Wayne Silby, W'70
Founding Chair
Calvert Social Funds

Mr. Nassim Nicholas Taleb, WG'83
The Black Swan, Fooled By Randomness

Mr. James S. Tisch, WG'76
President and Chief Executive Officer
Loews Corporation

Mr. Nathaniel Turner, W'08
Flatiron Health, Inc

Ms. Ivanka Trump, W'04

Senior Advisor to the President of the United States

Mr. Jacob Wallenberg, W'80, WG'81
Investor AB

Mr. Randall J. Weisenburger, WG'87
Managing Member
Mile 26 Capital

Mr. George A. Weiss, W'65
Founder, CEO
Weiss Multi-Strategy Advisers LLC

Ms. Anne Welsh McNulty, WG'79
Managing Partner, JBK Partners
President, McNulty Foundation

Mr. Robert Wolf, W'84
Founder and CEO
32 Advisors
2019 Trustees
Mr. Alberto Avital, WG'59
Former Chairman
Random House

Mr. Laurence G. Allen, W'79, WG'82
Managing Member
NYPPEX Holdings, LLC

Mr. Brett Barth, W'93
BBR Partners, LLC

Mr. Arthur E. Bass, W'73
Managing Director

Wedbush Securities

Mr. Kenneth Beck, WG'87
CEO Connection

Mr. Scott A. Belair, WG'71
Co-Founder, Director
Urban Outfitters Inc

Mr. Rodney Berens, WG'72
Alternative Investment Group

Mr. Milton Berlinski, WG'80
Co-Founder, Managing Director
Reverence Capital

Mr. Nick Bhuta, W'96, WG'97
Portfolio Manager
Tudor Investment Corporation
Mr. Lawrence Blatte, W'50
TBS Shipping Services, Inc.

Mr. Jeff Todd Blau, WG'92
Related Companies

Mr. Andrew Brenner, W'78, WG'79
Managing Director
National Alliance Capital Marketsts

Mr. Rhett Brown, WG'05
Managing Director
Lazard Asset Management

Mr. Walter Cain, WG'84
Architectural Designer
ORE Design and Technolgy

Mr. Lee Chaikin, W'95

Managing Director and Portfolio Manager
Private Investments Group, Cowen Group

Mr. Richard Coons, W'76
Senior Managing Director
Catrock Capital Management, LLC

Mr. Stephen Cooper, WG'70

Warner Music Group

Mr. Michael Crooks, WG'86
Varas Capital

Ms. Susan Danilow, CW'74, G'74

Mr. L. Kevin Dann, W'76
Managing Partner
Kevin Dann and Partners

Mr. Philip Darivoff, W'79, WG'85
DFG Investment Advisors

Mrs. Julie Daum, WG'79
Managing Parnter
Spencer Stuart

Ms. Ellen Davis, W'85
Founder and Chairman
JCC Greenwich

Mr. Marco De Benedetti, WG'88
Managing Director, Milan, Italy
The Carlyle Company

Mr. Michael Delaney, WG'82
Managing Partner
Court Square Capital Partners

Mr. Bruce Eatroff, WG'89
Halyard Capital

Mr. Yaron Eitan, WG'84

SCP Partners

Mr. James Engle, WG'83
Managing Director
John W. Bristol & Co., Inc.

Mr. Jerrold Fine, W'64
Charter Oak Capital Partners, LP

Mr. David Ford, WG'70
DBF Associates

Mr. James Freeman, C'67, WG'70
Freeman & Co., LLC

Mr. Marc Ganzi, W'93
Digital Bridge Management

Mrs. Mindy Geltzer-White, W'80, WG'81

Mr. Erik D. Gershwind, W'93
President and CEO
MSC Industrial Direct Company

Mr. Steven Gilbert, W'67
Gilbert Global Equity Partners

Mr. Curtis Glovier, WG'91

Chairman & CEO

Ms. Beth Glynn, WG'86
Retired Partner
Neuberger & Berman

Mr. Robert Goergen, WG'62
Founder and Chairman
Blyth Industries, Inc.

Mr. Andrew Goldberg, W'79
President & CEO
Publishers Clearing House

Mr. George Goldberger, WG'75
VP Business Development
Progenitor Cell Therapy

Mrs. Cindy Golub, W'76
G-Squared Advisory, LLC

Ms. Elizabeth Granville-Smith, C '91,WG'96

Managing Director
Golden Seeds

Mr. Matthew Greene, WG'89
Kota Global Securities Inc

Mrs. Vicki Gross, W'87
Co-Founder, Master & Dynamic
Mount Sinai Children's Center Foundation

Mr. Carlos Guimaraes, WG'83
LAIG-Latin America Investment Group

Mr. Craig Harding, WG'75
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
The Harding Group

Mr. Gilbert Harrison, WG'62, L'65
Financo, Inc.

Mr. Timothy Hurckes, W'81
Managing Director
John W. Bristol & Co., Inc.

Mr. Robert Hurst, WG'68
Investment Partner
Crestview Partners LP

Mr. Milton Irvin, WG'74
Chairman, Advisory Board
Castle Oak Securities

Mr. Andrew Kahn, W'65
Kahn, Lucas, Lancaster, Inc.

Mr. Jeffrey Katz,WG'71
Sherwood Equities, Inc.  
Mr. Charles Klatskin, WG'59
Forsgate Industrial Complex

Mr. Robert Knakal, W'84
Chairman NY Investment Sales Capital Markets
Cushhman Wakefield

Mr. Douglas Korn, W'84
Managing Partner and Founder
Victor Capital Partners

Mr. Lowell Kwiat, W'73
Kwiat Inc.

Mr. Curtis Lane, W'79, WG'80
Founding Partner
MTS Health Partners, LP

Mr. Laurence Leeds, WG'52
Buckingham Capital Management, Inc.

Mr. Robert Levy, WG'74
Retired Partner, Chairman, and CIO
Harris Associates, LP

Mr. Brian Lewis Libman, W'87 WG'88

Executive Chairman
Finance of America Holdings

Mr. Gustave K. Lipman, W'94
Senior Vice President
Allied Universal

Mr. Howard Lipson, W'86
Alignment Artist Capital LLC

Mr. Gerald Lucas, WG'87
Managing Director - Senior Trading Strategist
UBS Wealth Management

Mr. Thomas Luddy , WG'76
Managing Director
JPMorgan Chase 

Charles MacDonald, WG81
Senior Portfolio Manager
Elliott Associates, L.P.

Ms. Ann Marks, W'80, WG'81

Mr. James S. Marpe, WG'70
Retired  Senior Partner

Mr. Michael Madden, WG'73
Managing Director
BlackEagle Partners, LLC

Mr. W. Patrick McMullan, WG'76
Managing Director
Barclays Capital

Mr. Richard W. Meister, WG'79
Managing Director
Merrill Lynch & Co Inc.

Mr. James Mitchell
, WG'90
Managing Director
Rock Creek Group

Mr. Dhananjay M. Pai, W'83
President and COO
P Schoenfeld Asset Management

Mr. Vinay S. Pande, WG'85
Head of Trading Strategies
USB Wealth Mangement

Ms. Meryl Pearlstein, WG'79
President & Owner
MDP Publicity Associates

Mr. John J. Pomerantz, W'55
JJP Advisory

Ms. Ruth Porat, WG'87
Alphabet Inc.

Mr. Scott Prince, W'85

Vice Chairman
Chiron Investment Management

Mr. Richard S. Pzena,W'79, WG'80
Founder, Managing Principal, Co-CIO
Pzena Investment Management

Mr. William E. Rankin, WG'75
WERankin Interests LLC

Mr. John Rex, WG'92

Mr. Suhail Rizvi, W'88
Rizvi Traverse Management

Mr. Peter E. Roth, C'81,W'85

Managing Partner
JP Charter Oak Advisors llc

Mr. Peter T. Roth, W'79
Co-Owner & CEO
Peter Thomas Roth Labs

Mr. Marc Rowan, W '84, WG'85
Senior Managing Director and Director
Apollo Global Management

Mr. John P. Rustum, WG'93

Client Relations & Business Development
Alphadyne Asset Management

Mr. Lawrence M. V. D. Schloss, WG'78

Mr. Eric Jonathan Schoenberg, GEN'93,WG93
Adjunct Associate Professor,
Chairman, CampusWorks, Inc.
University of Pennsylvania - The Wharton School

Mr. Samuel Schwab, W'73
President & Chief Executive Officer
S. Schwab Company

Mr. Richard Schwartz, WG'87
Senior Managing Director
New York Life Investment Management

Ms. Barbara Schwimmer, W'82
Director of Talent Development
McKinsey & Company

Mr. Jerry M. Seslowe, WG'69
eLot, Inc.

Mr. John Shalam, W'54
Founder and Chairman
Voxx International Corp.

Mrs. Lee Spelman Doty, W'76
Managing Director
JPMorgan Chase & Co

Mr. Robert Stavis, EAS'84, W'84
Bessemer Venture Partners

Mr. Ian Howard Stone, W'89
Ian Howard Stone

Mr. Xavier Sztejnberg, ENG'90, W'90, WG'96
Finance Faculty
McCombs School of Business, The University of Texas at Austin

Mr. William Walters, W'59
Chairman of Advisory Board
Commonwealth Associates, LP

Mr. David Wassong, C'92, WG'97
Managing Director
Soros Fund Management, LLC

Mr. Samuel Weinhoff, WG'74

Mr. Gregory A. White, WG'80
Managing Director
Prima Capital Advisors LLC

Mr. Scott C. Wilson, W'73
Managing Director
Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management

Mr. Alan J. Wilzig, W'87
Honey R Capital

Mr. Steven R. Yanis, W'85
Managing Partner
Net Return Asset Management, LLC

Mr. Richard Zenker, W'78
Overbrook Management Corporation