Chair, Content Development

Marketing and Communications Division

Reports to:
The Vice President of the Marketing and Communications Division.

Marketing and Communications Division:
The Marketing and Communications Division is responsible for membership engagement and developing, coordinating, and maintaining all communications with members and other committees. This Division manages the WCNY communications, consistent brand standards, the membership directory through the school, the website, the Club’s value proposition, and the dues business model. This Division is responsible for creating communications and services for the membership that will ensure a high level of member retention and bring new members, which is foundational for the Club. The Vice President is responsible for staffing and providing general management for the following committees and offices: Member Engagement, Content Development, Chief Technology Officer, Analytics and Insights, PR/Social Media, Sponsorship, Joseph Wharton Dinner, Awards Committee, and Strategic Initiatives.

Content Development Committee:
The Chair, Content Development, will help support the Marketing and Communications Division by crafting creative, including copy and visuals, to deliver compelling communications that capture the attention of our 30,000 alumni members. You will develop brand standards and communication tools/templates to support WCNY email blasts, print ads, social posts, and other marketing materials that appeal to a multi-generational audience of highly intelligent, highly educated, and highly successful alumni. This role works seamlessly with Analytics & Insights and PR/Social Media Committees. As the Chair, you will enlist, along with the VP Volunteers, a strong group of volunteers such as copywriters and graphic artists for the Content Committee who can carry on the work of first-rate brand creative in the years to come.

Time Commitment:
Time will vary throughout the year, but it will be approximately 2-4 hours per week on average. Our guiding principle is “many hands make lighter work.”

We are looking for a professional Creative/Communications Director with real-world experience leading exceptional brand communication. The ideal leader has solid organizational and people skills, supported by nuanced critical thinking and creative instinct. Desired technical skills include Microsoft Office and familiarity with Illustrator, Adobe, and or other design tools. Are you a Wharton alum who has the desire and time to share your talents to materially advance the Marketing and Communication Division for the Club?
All volunteers must be supporting members of the Wharton Club of New York. Adherence to WCNY policies, as evidenced by their review and signing of an annual acknowledgment form, is required.

Application Process:
Interested volunteers should complete the volunteer application and submit a current resume, contact information, indication of which volunteer position is of interest, and an explanation of your enlightened self-interest to serve the WCNY to Gabriela Sanchez, the Club’s Administrator at Once the submission is received, the applicant will be contacted by one of the Club’s volunteers. Recognizing this WCNY volunteer “job” is an extension of their professional brand, it is befitting for the selected volunteer(s) to treat this opportunity as seriously as a professional job. The Chair, Content Development role is a great opportunity not only to bulk up your portfolio but to have your work seen by an incredibly well-connected audience of thought leaders with whom you share a significant affiliation.