Reimagining Your Future: navigating the unknown and the changes imposed upon you

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It’s a time of extreme ambiguity, misinformation, financial freefall, and unemployment. The upending of accustomed rules of living and working demands new skills. Sheltering in place fosters a sense of being stuck literally and metaphorically. The uncertainty and Black Swan events, beyond the realm of our preparedness, effectively slows and muddles our thinking. Our brains are wired for certainty or to take risks but not ambiguity. Ambiguity and confusion freeze our thinking.

Join this interactive webinar to explore simple steps to confidently navigate the unknown and our new reality, including:  
  • Achieving goals when nothing is working the way it used to
  • Coping with grief and pandemic fatigue — your own, your team’s, your clients’
  • Learning new ways to communicate
  • Shifting expectations of yourself and others
  • Creating a “long view” when you can’t predict the future and the metrics for success are ever changing

About Angela Nesbitt
Angela Nesbitt, WG’86 helps her clients navigate and transcend high-stakes challenges in volatile, unpredictable business climates. She particularly enjoys working with executives creating solutions to reduce pollution, create clean energy, and mitigate the risks of climate-induced hazards.

Angela is a certified coach in Conversational Intelligence.

Many clients share three common frustrations due to unending change:  
  • Teams struggling to rapidly coalesce and implement solutions;
  • Navigating complex, difficult conversations; and
  • Reconciling conflicting and ambiguous priorities. 
Such challenges cause:  
  • Exhaustion and burnout (eroding trust as a business lubricant);
  • Missed deadlines; and
  • Angst 
Addressing the root causes of individual and team resistance, Angela’s clients report:  
  • Increased team trust, employee engagement, and delivery of quality outcomes;
  • Reliable decision-making based on priorities & values;
  • Empowerment to create a joyful personal life despite time pressures. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2020
12:00pm - 1:00pm

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