Mobility Innovations: Their Fate in a (Current and Post) COVID-19 World

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Webinar Title:  Mobility Innovations: Their Fate in a (Current and Post) COVID-19 World
Webinar Date:  Thursday, May 28, 2020
Webinar Time: 10:00 am ET - 11:00 am ET
Led By: John Paul MacDuffie, Professor of Management

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About this session:
Before the COVID-19 pandemic, a variety of mobility innovations captivated the world’s attention. As we try to imagine a post-COVID-19 world –how will the trajectory of these mobility innovations be altered? Will people avoid ride-sharing in an era of social distancing? Will the move to fleets of autonomous vehicles for driverless ride-hailing be accelerated? Will the short-term pressures for a speedy economic recovery cause governments to back away substantially from pre-COVID-19 regulatory goals? Will connected vehicles become part of a new surveillance system that aids in contact tracing but imperils individual privacy? This webinar offers not answers but well-informed speculation and the opportunity for discussion via Q&A.