Introducing the WCNY COVID-19 Work Relief Program

June 18, 2020

We are facing two once-in-a-lifetime events that impact everyone. This is the time for people, companies, and organizations to come together for the greater good.  In response, the Wharton Club of New York is launching two initiatives and asking Wharton alumni to Take the Call to help:
  1. WCNY President, Regina Jaslow, is leading the WCNY efforts to work with business leaders to speed the process of ending systemic racism and discrimination in our workplaces and our communities.
  2. As chair of the Wharton Club of New York (WCNY), I am proud to announce the COVID-19 WCNY Work Relief Program to directly assist Wharton alumni who have lost their jobs and/or income and need help as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
This program is designed to give a lifeline to those alumni in need, and/or create networking opportunities for those alumni looking for jobs, all while enhancing the club’s ability to help other alumni.

The program will be implemented in three phases:
Phase I
  • WCNY will commit $200,000 to engage Wharton alumni as independent contractors to complete small discrete projects that will help build the WCNY infrastructure.  The first project will be to build out this program.
Phase II
  • Solicit donations to augment the money committed by the club.
  • Allow Wharton alumni companies to offer discrete projects.
  • The WCNY will connect alumni to the alumni companies and where necessary subsidize or fund the alumnus doing the project from the money available.
Phase III
  • Allow non-Wharton Alumni companies to offer discrete projects for a fee to augment the fund.
  • The WCNY will connect alumni to the non-alumni companies.
We do not undertake this project lightly.  We do not know what is coming next.
We do know that some alumni will be impacted more than others; we know that some will need our help; and we know that the club is in a position to help them.

This will not be easy, we cannot help everyone, and there will be many challenges ahead, however, I am quite confident that Wharton alumni can do anything...   and this is the right thing to do.

As always, we the leadership of the Wharton Club of New York, stand ready to Take the Call!

Sign up:
  • If you are an alumnus who has lost your job and/or income due to COVID-19 and need help, click HERE.
  • If your company wants to host a project, click HERE.
  • If your company would like to sponsor, please click HERE to complete a simple form and a volunteer will connect with you.
  • If you are an individual that would like to make a tax-deductible donation to this program, click HERE.
  • If you are interested in the first project to set up the WCNY COVID-19 Work Relief Program, send your resume and proposed plan HERE.
Be healthy and safe.

Kenneth Beck WG'87
Chief Executive Officer  |  CEO Connection
Chairman  |  Wharton Club of New York
T 646.416.6991  |  F 646.292.5129