WCNY COVID-19 Work Relief Program

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound, negative impact on many of our Wharton alumni. Recognizing the need to support these alumni who have lost their jobs due to COVID-19, WCNY has established the WCNY COVID-19 Work Relief Program to provide qualifying alumni with paid projects during this challenging time. This program is designed to provide a lifeline to those alumni in need and to create networking opportunities for them while looking for jobs. Alumni will be matched with projects at host companies or within WCNY. WCNY has funded this program with an initial $200,000 and will seek additional funding and support from sponsors.

A Task Force has been established to lead this program, staffed directly with alumni who requested assistance from the Work Relief Program. This Task Force will work to identify alumni needs, skills and interests and will identify host companies who are interested in supporting our alumni. As WCNY would like to assist as many alumni as possible, we will actively support alumni at companies or non-profits who could benefit from a Wharton alumni project.

The WCNY COVID-19 Work Relief Program has the power to deliver a meaningful and measurable positive impact across our community. Please reach out, connect and get involved.
Host Companies
Wharton Alumni who have lost their jobs and/or income on or after March 15th due to COVID-19 can click here to register for the COVID-19 Work Relief Program. (Must be a US citizen or green card holder).   WCNY is actively seeking companies who would like to engage Wharton-educated independent contractors to complete short term projects and/or assess potential employees in a low-risk environment. To learn more about hosting a project funded by this program and submitting your request, click here.   If you or your company would like to provide funds toward future projects that support the Wharton alumni who have lost their jobs due to COVID-19, click here.

We encourage alumni to join us on our WCNY LinkedIn page to stay connected, to have access to job postings shared by alumni and to receive the latest news on WCNY programming and initiatives.

Click here for access to information on the Career Management services offered to Wharton Alumni by WCNY and by the Wharton School.

Questions regarding the WCNY COVID-19 Work Relief Program can be directed to workrelief@whartonny.net.