Mary Purk

2020 Joseph Wharton Awards

Mary Purk
Executive Director, Customer Analytics, The Wharton School

As the Executive Director of Customer Analytics at Wharton, Ms. Purk leads the academic outreach and research Center focused on the development and application of cutting-edge analytic methods across multiple industries and disciplines at Wharton. Mary's experience and enthusiasm for analytics is contagious and she is thrilled to lead the intersection of data, technology, and learning to synthesize complex data sets into actionable business strategies. Mary's goal is to demystify the complexity of analytics and provide hands-on opportunities for students, researchers, and companies to discover the insights that transform businesses. Mary is a marketing and analytics executive with over 20+ years of retail, consumer packaged goods and academic experience and has implemented enterprise-wide analytic platforms that inform clients how to win customers. Her expertise includes: competitive assessments, sales forecast models, pricing and digital strategies, product assortments, and marketing mix analyses.

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