Host a WCNY COVID-19 Work Relief Project at Your Company

Wharton Alumni Are Available for Short Assignments at No Cost to Your Company!
COVID-19 has economically impacted a large number of Wharton alumni located in the Tri-state area. To support those contending with the loss of employment or income due to the pandemic, the Wharton Club of New York has established the WCNY COVID-19 Work Relief Program to provide qualifying alumni a lifeline in the form of paid projects. WCNY has funded an initial $200,000 toward this program to help these alumni in need.

This program represents a unique opportunity for your organization to tackle short-term strategic and tactical projects that you have been unable to staff or prioritize. These talented and experienced Wharton graduates have knowledge that spans a wide range of disciplines and industries and can provide you with valuable insights and skills including:
  • Competitive Analysis, Strategic Planning
  • Financial Guidance and Fundraising
  • Enterprise Enhancements and Efficiencies
  • Marketing and Sales Planning and Execution
This program also provides an excellent opportunity to meet and evaluate high quality resources in a low risk environment.

Submit a Project to the COVID-19 Work Relief Program and Help a Wharton Alum.
If your company has a discrete project that could be addressed by these talented individuals, please submit your project here. A member of our Task Force will respond swiftly to your request. WCNY appreciates your support of our Wharton alumni and we are also happy to provide value and support to Wharton alumni-owned businesses and Wharton professionals via this program. If you have any additional questions about this program or the types of projects that would be an appropriate fit, please reach out to us.

If your company does not have a project to submit but you would still like to assist these alumni, you or your company can donate to the WCNY COVID-19 Work Relief Program or directly fund a project. WCNY has provided initial funding, but would certainly welcome the opportunity to support an even greater number of alumni with paid projects. Contribute to the WCNY COVID-19 Work Relief Program here or reach out to us at

WCNY Greatly Appreciates Your Support.