Annual Board Meeting: July 25, 2005

The Wharton Club of New York
Annual Board Meeting, Monday, July 25, 2005
Hosted by DLA Piper Rudnick Gray Cary US LLP


Johannes Albeck
Rupert Bader
Stanley Baum
Ken Beck
Roe Bonelli
George Brandt
Jason Breemen
Ruth Colp-Haber
Diana Davenport
Nigel Edelshain
Donald Fishbein
Bill Haddad
Rob Herzog
Jim Hewitt
Regina Jaslow
Dana Michael
Kevin Pollack
Alan Rifkin
Ray Schmitz
Stephanie Shaw
Jim Synk
Rick Templeton
Chelsea Vaughn

Thanks to Bill Haddad for hosting this meeting.

1. Chairman’s Remarks (Nigel Edelshain)
a. No comments – Nigel delayed in traffic.

2. President’s Report(Ken Beck)

a. Infrastructure Improvements to Club
i. Office space in Long Island
ii. Phone system courtesy of M5
iii. NYC address
iv. Executive assistant
v. New Website
1. Take the Call Forum Message Board
2. Business Opportunity Section
3. Discount Section

b. Approval of bylaws tonight after 1 ½ year process.

c. Volunteer Guidebook
i. Goal is organize talent by documenting what we do & effectively handling volunteers.

d. Outsource the newsletter.

e. Began a satellite organization in Connecticut.

f. Begin Board of Governors with lifetime term.

g. Shift in Programming.
i. From “big”events at big hotels with $50-75 admission to new model of private briefings for 50-75 people at $25/head.

h. Tighter ties with Penn Club
i. Regina Jaslow employed by Penn Club as Membership Director.
ii. Ken Beck on Board of Governors.
iii. Venue of choice for large events like Real Estate.

i. International Alumni movement
i. WCNY is beta site for “Take the Call” and Leads Groups.

j. Programming Committee Report (Regina Jaslow)
i. 5 Subcommittees
1. Speaker Series, Event Support, University Relations.
Special/Social Events, Alliances & Partnerships

k. Career Development (Alan Rifkin)
i. 3 Goals
1. Transition Career Speakers from Jim Hewitt after 7 successful years.
2. New venues.
3. Make Job Board more functional.

l. Connecticut/Westchester Satellite (George Brandt)
i. Started with free beer social events.
ii. Moved to speaker events.
iii. Developing toward leads groups & career development.

m. HR Report (Diana Davenport)
i. Volunteer meeting this Fall.

n. Business Development (Bill Haddad)
i. Affinity Groups (Hedge Fund, CFO, Media & Entertainment, Fine Art & Design.
ii. 3 Leads Groups.
iii. Wharton Investment Research (WIRE)- angel investors & private equity funds.

3. Treasurer’s Report (Roe Bonelli)
a. Cash Balance $89K (up from $75K last year).
b. Taxes filed, no outstanding items, no penalties, not-for-profit status intact.

4. Vote on New By-Laws (Nigel Edelshain)
Motion: Ruper Bader
Unanimously Accepted

5. Elections a. Board of Directors – Legal Board, 1 Year term, starting next year 3 members will be elected by all members with staggered 3 year terms.

Nigel Edelshain, Chairman
Ken Beck, President
Roe Bonelli, Treasurer
Bill Haddad, Secretary
Hans Albeck, Director
Ruth Colp-Haber, Director
Allen Levinson, Director
Dana Michael, Director
Chelsea Vaughn, Director

b. Board of Governors – Goal is to keep this group involved.
Dan Joseph, VP Programming
Jim Synk, Director
Rupert Bader, Director
Stanley Baum, Director
Joan Blansky, Director
Rob Herzog, Director
Jim Hewitt, Director
Lorrie King, Director
Kevin Pollack, Director

Motion on Elections: Lorrie King
Unanimously Accepted

6. Minutes of Last Meeting (Nigel Edelshain)
a. Approved

7. Meeting Adjourned.

Minutes submitted by Jim Synk.