Wharton Alumni Social Impact Group (WSIG)



About the Wharton Alumni Social Impact Group (WSIG)
Over the past several years we have seen tremendous growth in the number of non-profit organizations, as well as, the prevalence of for-profit companies committed to 'social impact' as a core value. We are translating our passion to ‘do good’ and affect change into career paths and professional goals.

Meetings will enable each of us to expand our networks, explore issues of interest and areas of concern, share best practices and introduce new approaches. Members will join pods which align with their areas of interest, ensuring we address timely issues and harness the Wharton network to inform our individual work and amplify our collective impact.

Who Is Membership open to?
Membership is available to paid supporting members of the Wharton Club of New York and limited to those who are both: 1) Wharton undergrad or Wharton MBA alumni, and 2) employed now or recently, in the nonprofit and social impact sector. WSIG membership is free of charge. Upon qualification, eligible alumni will be included in WSIG.

To request to be included in WSIG, please email wsig@whartonny.com with:
  • Your Wharton graduation year(s)
  • A short two-liner about your current activity in the nonprofit or social impact space
  • Your preferred email address and contact info
We are looking for co-chairs, from across different aspects of this sector. If you are interested in co-creating the next steps for this network, please send your bio to wsig@whartonny.com. Alumni whose profile matches criteria for joining this group will be contacted.