Wharton Health and Wellness Group (WHLTHCR)


Kerianne Fernandez, WG'19
Leslie Reyes, WG'08

Vision, Mission and Who We Are
The “Wharton NY Alumni Health & Wellness Group” is a collaborative forum for NY- based health business professionals to examine trends, engage with industry leaders, network with peers, socialize new ideas and opportunities and continue their professional development.

With the healthcare landscape rapidly evolving and consumers becoming more involved in their own health, we strive to support our members as they take on leadership roles in driving the transformation of the U.S. health ecosystem.

Our support includes providing our members with a vehicle for thought-provoking content, professional/social networking and life-long learning so that our members feel inspired and empowered to serve as leaders in their companies and in the overall Greater NYC community.

Additionally, our topics will aim to break down silos and foster integration across the traditional and emerging sub-sectors of health, including:
  • Life Sciences
  • Health Insurers/PBMs
  • Providers/Health Systems
  • Health Tech/HIT
  • Retail Health/OTC
  • Digital Health/Connected Health
  • Wellness (fitness, nutrition/food science, physical therapy, acupuncture, stress management, sleep management, mental health)
Based on the needs and interests of the group, we may focus more deeply in certain areas.

Membership is available to paid supporting members of the Wharton Club of New York.