Personal Development


Nancy Berdon, W'97
Vice President, Personal Development

About Personal Development:
Designed to develop and oversee personal interest groups aligned with the Wharton for Life and Wharton for Good initiatives. These initiatives were designed to provide additional value to our alumni through offerings that extend beyond the Club’s historical focus on business and career, delivering resources and networking opportunities to enhance club members’ personal lives in addition to the lives of others.

These new groups aim to offer a wide range of programming for our club members to enjoy in the company of other liked-minded alumni, including resources to support family needs, health and wellness workshops, access to arts and cultural events and networking opportunities for singles. Additionally, in response to the high interest among our alumni to leverage our strengths and capabilities to help others, we have created a group that will offer a platform for collective involvement in charitable organizations and change-making activities.

Listed below are the personal development groups:
We encourage your participation, ideas, and feedback as we roll out these new initiatives.  We look forward to learning and growing alongside our fellow alumni as we explore these new concepts together.

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