Annual Meeting, 7 June 2004


The Wharton Club of New York
Annual Meeting, 7 June 2004
Hosted by Piper Marbury Rudnick & Wolfe


Stanley Baum
Ken Beck
Roe Bonelli
Ruth Colp-Haber
Nigel Edelshain
Bill Haddad
Rob Herzog
Jim Hewitt
Allen Levinson
Dana Michael
Kevin Pollack
Jim Synk
Chelsea Vaughn

Thanks to Bill Haddad for hosting this meeting.

1. President's Review of Past Year (Ken Beck)

a. Launched new website
b. Newsletter- 4 in past year
c. 60 speaker/social activities in past year
d. Sponsorships - $35K
e. Introduced Healthcare benefit & other clubs around the country interested in this.

2. Introduction of New Managing Board Officers and Members (Nigel Edelshain)

1 Year Renewal of all officers through Motion to Suspend Bylaw 3.1

- Motion to Suspend By Law 3.1 for a period of one year and extend the terms of all officers and directors for a period of one year during which time the management team will propose to the board revised By Laws that reflect the new structure and operations of the club.

1. The present by laws require elections in June. This motion allows us to stay in compliance with the laws as they stand now and also gives us more time to revise them to reflect the operations of the club. The by laws may be modified by a majority vote of the board. So the board has the power to pass this motion.

2. The motion also puts a time limit on this suspension so it cannot go beyond one year.

3. As part of the by laws revisions, boar members may have responsibilities and or may need to meet certain qualifications. By adopting this motion we avoid having to put new people on the board who may not be qualified under the new by laws. We do not want to offend anyone.

Motion: Ken Beck
Second: Roe Bonelli

a. Chairman - Nigel Edelshain (thru 2004)
b. President - Ken Beck (2004)
c. VP Finance & Treasurer - Roe Bonelli (2004)
d. VP Member Services & Secretary - Jim Synk (2004
) e. VP Programming - Dan Joseph (2004)
f. VP External Affairs - Bill Haddad (2004)
g. Board Member - Hans Albeck (2004)
h. Board Member - Rupert Bader (2005)
i. Board Member - Stanley Baum (2005)
j. Board Member - Joan Blanski (2004)
k. Board Member - Ruth Colp-Haber (2004)
l. Board Member - Connie Cranos (2004)
m. Board Member - David Feldman (2004)
n. Board Member - Matt Greene (2004)
o. Board Member - Robert Hertzog (2005)
p. Board Member - Jim Hewitt (2004)
q. Board Member - Lorrie King (2006)
r. Board Member - Allen Levenson (2004)
s. Board Member - Dana Michael (2005)
t. Board Member - Kevin Pollack (2006)
u. Board Member - Sean Sovak (2006)
v. Board Member - Chelsea Vaugn (2005)

3. Meeting Adjourned.

Minutes submitted by Jim Synk.