Budget Assistants Needed!

Get Involved – Volunteer!

The Wharton alumni network is one of the most exclusive and powerful networks in the world. As alumni leaders, it is our responsibility to create and manage an infrastructure that can open doors for us, and provide business contacts, access, and opportunities. You have to “give to get” and that you have to “help to be helped.” It is this enlightened self-interest that is the ultimate power of the Wharton community. Here’s what you could do now as a volunteer:

Budget Assistants

• Our Budget Director, Kent Trabing, is looking for a few good hands to help keep tabs on the Club's annual budget. This work will include working with various club volunteers to develop budgets for specific events, controlling the costs as they occur, creating an annual operating budget and possibly presenting it to the Board and senior management team. We figure your involvement will be one to two hours per week. Working on the budget, you will get to know the Club well and your help will keep us operating smoothly. Any interest? Please email Stephanie Shaw at sshaw@whartonny.com