Management Assistants Needed!

Get Involved – Volunteer!

The Wharton alumni network is one of the most exclusive and powerful networks in the world. As alumni leaders, it is our responsibility to create and manage an infrastructure that can open doors for us, and provide business contacts, access, and opportunities. You have to “give to get” and that you have to “help to be helped.” It is this enlightened self-interest that is the ultimate power of the Wharton community. Here’s what you could do now as a volunteer:

Management Assistants

• Our HR Manager, Diana Davenport, is looking for a few good hands to help create volunteer incentive programs and to generally keep tabs on the Club's volunteers. There is room for at least two volunteers. One to help keep tabs on new and on-going Club volunteers, how they’re assigned, if they are feeling good about their contributions, feedback from the Committee Chairs on their work, opportunities for advancement, etc. Second person could work on incentive programs for volunteers. This is an area that needs a lot of work and would also be of great value to the Club. Working in the HR area gives you a good understanding of how the Club operates and creates many good networking opportunities. We figure your involvement will be one to two hours per week. Serious candidates please email Stephanie Shaw at