Wharton Investment Network (WIN)


Thomas Fekete, WG'16

The Wharton Investment Network (WIN) is an engagement-focused organization within the Wharton Club of New York (WCNY). The Wharton Investment Network (WIN) exists to facilitate alumni engagement, life-long learning, and impact funding between Wharton-affiliated Private Equity and late stage Venture Capital professionals and Wharton-affiliated companies seeking networking opportunities, sharing and learning platforms, and capital by hosting investment forums on a periodic basis. In addition, WIN maintains a database of private equity alumni that can be accessed at any time. The goal is to provide alumni with access to others in private equity, founders, and companies seeking later stage capital. WIN is inviting alumni that are beyond the start-up phase, entrepreneurs and venture capital/private equity investment professionals and others looking to make a career change into this exciting field to participate in this group.


Benefit for Investment Professionals:
Finding proprietary deals is increasingly difficult for investment managers. The WIN network seeks to establish itself as one additional avenue where investment professionals can source deals.

Benefit for Companies: Access to the investment community and capital in an organized and facilitated way.

Benefit for Wharton Club of New York and WIN Team Members:
  • Increase engagement of Wharton community in New York
  • Offer additional value-added services to our community
  • Network with Private Equity and/or Venture Capital Firms
  • Perform Due Diligence on business plans from a variety of industry sectors
  • Get insight into deal process, pitch meetings and various deal issues

Investment Criteria for investment opportunities will include type of business, industry background, investment specifics, stage of business (early stage, high growth, late-stage/operating), type of capital being sought (growth capital, mezzanine, buyout), sources and uses of capital, and basic financial information (revenues, COGS, EBITDA, interest expense, capex for the last 3 years). Additionally, a Wharton alumnus must be involved in the investment opportunity, either as an owner, within a C-level position, a significant shareholder or as a principal investor.

  1. WIN members seeking capital submits business proposal and detailed investment opportunity outline, based on Investment Criteria above, to WIN Board of Directors via online submission process;
  2. If investment opportunity is determined to be meaningful to present to members/meets investment criteria for potential investment, originating member will be required to compile information to present at investor forum/post in online data room;
  3. On a quarterly basis, meetings will take place during which deal-originating members present investment opportunities to the WIN group. Should the timing not be optimal for a particular investment or the backlog of deals prove to be excessive, an online data room will be established where approved investment opportunities are posted for evaluation by group members;
  4. To the extent it is determined necessary and appropriate, interested potential investors will sign a confidentiality agreement with the target entity for additional data/information;
  5. Members will evaluate opportunities and make investment decisions and agreements directly with the target company.

Events hosted by WIN are by invitation only and are limited to WIN members in good standing. Members must be pre-screened for qualification and have a paid WCNY membership. The opportunities presented at the forums will be the portfolio companies vetted through WIN. The WIN will organize events on a monthly basis and maintain an online data room of deal opportunities.
The WIN team plans to launch the following events:
  • Expert Panels (once per quarter): PE/VC related topics. Panelists: 2-3 people from PE/VC, 2-3 people from start-ups/businesses
  • Pitch Nights (every 2 months): We will bring together investors and pre-screened companies seeking investments.
  • Networking Events (monthly): We will host informal networking events in bars across Manhattan which will be open to all WIN members

If you are interested to join the WIN Team please submit a resume to Gabriela Sanchez, the Club’s Administrator at gsanchez@whartonny.com.