WCNY Alumni Business Plan Competition

Get your business plans ready…

The Wharton Club of NY is proud to announce the launching of its inaugural alumni business plan competition (BPC). The competition will kick off in late 2008 with winners being announced in April 2009.

Below is the latest information on the BPC. Please check this site periodically or get on the BPC email list to keep updated. Email Anand Sanwal, BPC co-chair, at asanwal@brilliont.com to get on the list and keep updated.

If interested in submitting a business plan, being a judge or sponsoring this event, please see information below.

I. About Wharton Club of NY Alumni Business Plan Competition
– The WCNY Business Plan Competition is an initiative that is housed under the Wharton Investment Resource Exchange (WIRE) group of the WCNY.
– Our purpose is to encourage early stage companies and concepts by the Wharton alumni community by soliciting business plan ideas from them and providing a competitive forum for evaluation and showcasing of these business plans to potential investors, service providers and the larger Wharton alumni community.
– Winners of the competition will receive cash prizes and relevant in-kind services.

II. Time line for this year’s business plan competition.
– The Business Plan Competition will be an annual event in April or May and will be integrated with our spring Entrepreneur’s Gala.
– This year’s BPC will conclude in April 2009.
– The following is the timeline for this year's Business Plan competition.
– Nov 1, 2008 - Application submission begins (submit executive summary of the business plan).
• Dec 29, 2008 - Application submission ends.
• Dec 29, 2008 through April 2009 – Rounds 1 and 2 of judging are administered on-line via Wharton Business Plan file sharing and judging software. Additional materials will be requested of the successful business plan participants.
• April 11, 2009 - Final round 3 of the competition in NYC – presentation of full business plans to a panel of judges.
• April 23, 2009 – Final awards at Entrepreneur’s Gala.
– More information on requirements for each round will be provided shortly.

III. Information for prospective participants in this year’s Business Plan competition.
Business Plan applicants
If you are interested in participating in the BPC, subscribe to the BPC email list to keep apprised of news and useful information.
• Benefits of being a Wharton Alumni Business Plan applicant:
– Your plan will be assessed by experienced judges.
– Winners will be awarded cash and in-kind services.
– Only alumni BPC of its kind.
– Exposure to WCNY’s extensive membership as well as to prominent investors and sponsors.

Who qualifies?
• Teams may enter the BPC subject the following criteria:
– There must be at least one Wharton alumni on each team.
– Early stage companies only which means the company should have no prior funding from angel investors, VC, or PE firms.

– 3 business plans will be awarded cash and in-kind services.
– Awarded April 23, 2009 live at the Entrepreneur’s Gala.
– Prize levels to be announced shortly.

Entry fee – Entry fees will be nominal for business plan submitters and will be announced shortly.

Submit your business plan executive summary for Round 1 (submission link will be enabled starting on November 1, 2008) by December 29, 2008.

Prospective Judges
We need judges for all three phases of the BPC. Judges will ideally be successful investors (angel/VC) and entrepreneurs.

How judging will be conducted:
– Each judges will only judge one.
– Judges will be asked to evaluate 4-7 executive summaries or business plans during round 1 and 2.
– Round 3 judges will need to attend the in-person final competition event on April 11, 2009 in New York City.
– Roster of judges will be confirmed by October 15, 2008.

Interested in being a judge? Anyone interested in judging should contact Anand Sanwal via email to asanwal@brilliont.com by August 31, 2008.

Prospective Sponsors
• The Business Plan Competition is also seeking sponsors for the event who are willing to contribute funding and/or in-kind services which will be used to fund the event and the prizes which are distributed to winners.

• Sponsors will be prominently featured in the Business Plan Competition website, program booklet and event signage as well as in ongoing communication to the extensive Wharton alumni community.

• To learn more about sponsoring the Business Plan Competition contact Anand Sanwal

IV. General contacts
For any general questions related to the Business Plan Competition contact either:
Anand Sanwal at asanwal@brilliont.com
Falguni Desai at falgunidesaimail@yahoo.com