Our Facility Sponsors


The WCNY organizes a large number of events throughout the year. These events range from small and focused gatherings centered on a particular theme, right up to the annual Joseph Wharton Dinner which attracts over 500 guests and receives wide media coverage. Our events provide opportunities for Wharton alumni to network and reconnect, and for sponsors to gain access to one of the most dynamic business communities in the region.

Through the generosity of our alumni, we have have hosted recent WCNY events at their offices.  However, the WCNY can always use additional space. We are looking for venues that can hold meetings for at least 40 people up to 100 guests in Midtown. We can work with whatever you have available and in any frequency desired. Events would be in the evening and we will work around your schedule and requirements.

Partnering with the WCNY as a facility sponsor provides a highly cost-effective way to reach a targeted audience with significant recognition.  If your company has space that can accommodate different size meetings and events and would like the exposure of having Wharton Alumni from different industries and companies attend meetings at your offices or if you would just like to help the WCNY, please email Gabriela Sanchez at gsanchez@whartonny.com for further details.

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With Special Thanks To Our Current Facility Sponsors (Partial List):