Wharton Recruiters Affinity Group (WRAG)


Chair (Open)
Interested alumni volunteers should complete the volunteer application and submit Gabriela Sanchez, the Club’s Administrator at gsanchez@whartonny.com along with a resume and clearly indicating which volunteer position is of interest.

Wharton Recruiters Goals & Objectives 
The Wharton Recruiters Affinity Group (WRAG) is part of the Wharton Club of New York (WCNY). The group's goal is to regularly bring together Wharton alumni in executive search to provide a common ground to network, increase market knowledge, and create business opportunities.  Given that the recruitment industry is fragmented, it is often difficult to know who’s who in the marketplace; unlike investment bankers, recruiters from different firms do not work across each other on searches. 

WRAG members represent retained and contingency agencies, as well as on-campus and internal/in-house functions, across all industries, notably financial services, media, technology, and real estate.

Membership Benefits
The principal objective of this group is to bring together recruiters, who are Wharton alumni, to network, either within their industries or in other disciplines.  This group can also host discussions and panels to discuss issues of interest to the group.  Wharton Recruiters can partner with other affinity groups that are industry-focused to further build networking ties and find common goals.  Additionally, WRAG can serve as an opportunity to refer leads to one another in complementary businesses, and explore ways to further business development efforts, either by expanding into new geographies or new industries.

Membership Requirements
Membership is free and open to all Wharton alumni from a recruitment background.  Recruiters can either come from an agency, internal/in-house, or on-campus function, across all industries.  All levels of experience and backgrounds are welcome, as this is an excellent forum for those in any stage of their career, and for members who are sole practitioners.

What Are the Benefits of Membership?
The group facilitates networking with alumni, and exchange of knowledge.  WRAG members who have a paid Wharton Club of New York (WCNY) membership attend priced events at a discount.

For more information on WNCY membership, see Join/Renew Membership.

What Types of Activities Does the Affinity Group Have to Realize the Stated Vision & Goals?
The group organizes educational, networking and social events.

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