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About Affinity Groups
Affinity groups are a great way to network with other professionals in your industry and attend events centered around your professional interests. They are only open to Wharton alumni who work in the particular industry or meet specific criteria. Affinity groups are NOT intended for people with an interest in a specific area.

Existing Affinity Groups
Click on the name of the group for more detailed information on membership, upcoming and past events, speakers, etc.
Proposed Affinity Groups
The following groups have been proposed but do not have leaders at present. Click on the name of the group for more detailed descriptions but if you choose to lead the group, you really can take it any direction that members would like. If you'd be interested in spearheading one of these groups, please send an email to with your contact info and the group you'd be interested in leading.
  • Boutique Consulting Affinity Group
  • Financial Advisor/Financial Planner/Private Client
  • Fine Art & Design (WFADN)
  • Wharton Institutional Real Estate Network (WIREN)
  • Investors Affinity Group
  • Wharton Submatriculant Network (WSN)

Fine Art & Design - Foster networking and sharing of resources among Wharton alumni who have a professional interest in the fields of fine and decorative arts, design, and décor. In addition, the group hosts events for the Wharton community so those who are interested personally in art & design can benefit from the perspective of members and member contacts.

Boutique Consulting Affinity Group - For senior level personnel or founders of boutique consulting firms with 5 to 100 consultants. The group welcomes all consulting areas including technology, strategy, vertical-focused (healthcare, HR, etc). The focus of the group will be to share best practices as it relates to running a growing consulting company, i.e. sales & marketing, hiring, operations, etc. Through the network created, it should also serve as a vehicle to help form strategic partnerships with other complementary consulting firms and/or provide a mechanism for companies to introduce one another to prospective clients.

Financial Advisor/Financial Planner/Private Client - This group is oriented towards Wharton professionals involved in money management for individuals. The group will enable networking and sharing of salient best practices and enable discussion of issues amongst members. The educational event schedule may include topics ranging from how to acquire and retain clients, discussion of new strategies and products that professionals may wish to offer, etc.

Wharton Institutional Real Estate Network (WIREN) - This group will be a forum in which Wharton Alumni real estate professionals can share information, resources and experiences, benchmark best practices, discuss opportunities, build personal relationships and make deals.

Investors Affinity Group - Patterned after investment clubs that are popping up around the country, this group will allow non accredited Wharton Alumni who have an interest in investing to share information and resources.

We look forward to your involvement with the affinity groups and Wharton Club of New York overall!!