Join Rob Mann (W’89, C’89, WG’96), management consultant and former Wharton faculty, in a three part series designed to help you advance your business. You will walk away with high-impact revenue generating techniques that improve and focus your business development and go-to-market efforts.
  • Building and Managing Your Pipeline In The New Normal – September 15 at 12:00 PM (ET)
    Across many industries, building and managing your prospect pipeline is a challenge in the best of times – and it certainly hasn’t gotten easier during these past few months! More than ever, it is critically important to seed your customer/client pipeline and focus on high-potential prospects. Rob will highlight key tools and techniques that you may employ in your business to drive the efficacy of your prospect pipeline including customer decision pathing, lead generation beaconing, pipeline management and factoring. Session participants will be able to ask questions and share their experiences and insights.
  • Valuing Experiences: Generating Wallet Opening Moments and Setting Price Premiums – September 29 at 12:00 PM (ET)
    We all value great experiences and relate to brands and businesses that deliver beyond the product. But how does a business charge (and get paid!) $1,500 for a bottle of Grey Goose when a consumer could get it down the block for $28 at a discount liquor store? How do some winning B2B contractors price higher than the competition and overcome buyer obligations to go with the lowest bid? In this session, Rob will introduce and provide case examples of the Experience Price Premium (EPP). Using data pre- and post-COVID 19, Rob will demonstrate ways to price your offerings to maximize revenue in today’s environment. He will also introduce the concept of Wallet Opening Moments (WOMs), how to think about buyers’ contextual needs and price to drive customer action. Participants will be able to pose questions and share their pricing experiences to learn from one another.
  • Design-to-Value: What Is It and What It Means For Your Business  - October 13 at 12:00 PM (ET)
    Design Thinking has been one of those buzz-word terms and business aspirations in recent years. Yet, few companies successfully monetize the value from design and capture the tangible value in their bank accounts. They fail to employ smart design for their products, services and business models. In this session, Rob will introduce you to Actionable Design-to-Value (ADTV) and provide examples of successes and failures in converting design into dollars. He will introduce techniques that you can readily adopt in your business for tangible $ impact in B2C, B2B and service environments. Participants will be able to submit their questions and share their relevant experiences.
About Rob
Rob Mann is a management consultant and entrepreneur helping companies address their growth, innovation, product/service development and market entry/expansion. Previously, Rob worked at McKinsey & Company, PwC, SapientRazorfish and Kearney. Most recently, he founded and led the Growth & Innovation practice in North Highland’s Strategy Group, rated as a Top 10 Strategy Consultancy and a Top 5 Strategy Employer by ALM (the management consulting industry’s trade observer).

Rob’s consulting experience spans the globe including North and Latin America, the Caribbean, the UK and Continental Europe, Israel, Greater China, and the APAC region. He has served in interim management and advisory roles for high-profile Fortune 1000 companies in the CPG, medical technology, emerging tech, digital and automotive industries. Additionally, he’s advised several start-up and mid-size companies entering and expanding their markets with digital, AI, smart city and other innovations.

Rob is a lifelong Quaker. He graduated Penn in 1989 with a dual-degree from Wharton and the College of Arts and Sciences. He received his MBA from Wharton in 1996 where he majored in Multinational Marketing, Operations and Finance. While consulting, Rob returned to Wharton to teach in the Marketing Department (1999-2018), where he served as the GCP’s Director of Consulting and Strategy. He taught MBA and Executive MBA students in the areas of product management, market entry/expansion and innovation. Rob has guest lectured across the world with Wharton partners in Israel, China, Peru, Chile, Australia, Canada, and Jamaica.

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  • Tue, Sep 15 at 12:00 PM (ET) - Click here to register for Building and Managing Your Pipeline In The New Normal.
  • Tue, Sep 29 at 12:00 PM (ET) - Click here to register for Valuing Experiences: Generating Wallet Opening Moments and Setting Price Premiums.
  • Tue, Oct 13 at 12:00 PM (ET) - Click here to register for Design-to-Value: What Is It and What It Means For Your Business.
Pre-registration is required.  Registration for Session 1 is subject to availability and will close on Tuesday, September 15th at 9:00am.