About the Wharton Club of New York


The Wharton Club of New York is an independent, not for profit, 501(c)(3) corporation, in NY State and is the official Wharton Alumni Association for the NY Metropolitan Area.

The WCNY is an extraordinarily powerful tool for Wharton Alumni's business, social, career, and intellectual growth. There are over 220 volunteers serving the 30,000 alumni in the New York metropolitan area. Volunteers are committed to strengthening the Wharton alumni network and its impact on other alumni.

Wharton alumni have a vested interest in expanding the network. Everyone knows you have to "give to get;" and you have to "help to be helped." It is this enlightened self-interest that is the ultimate power of the Wharton community. One of the key elements to the success of this venture is the willingness of alumni to help other alumni. This has lead to the "Take the Call" campaign.

The concept is simple enough:
  • Wharton alumni should buy from Wharton alumni
  • Wharton alumni should hire Wharton alumni
  • Wharton alumni should invest in Wharton alumni
  • Wharton alumni should help Wharton alumni
Wharton Alumni all must commit that when a fellow alumnus reaches out, we have to "Take The Call." Whether we can offer advice, offer a referral, provide direction, or not... we should still "Take The Call." Taken further, this relationship can impact all aspects of Wharton Alumni lives. All things being equal, the Wharton connection should provide the deciding factor; the opportunity should be given to a Wharton alumnus first; and at the very least, if a Wharton alumnus calls for any reason... we "Take The Call."

The Alumni Association is more than just interesting events with phenomenal speakers. It is about access. Access to opportunities and people. Access to business leads, friendships, intellectual stimulation, investment capital, government, career opportunities. Access to discounts on things you need. Whatever is needed, Wharton Alumni have it or can get it.

The Wharton Alumni Network is your tool for business, social, career, and intellectual growth. Use it! Take the Call!